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Xenowerk Tactics

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The description

Xenowerk Tactics is another cool project from Pixelbite that continues to develop the universe where Xenoverk Corporation operates. Her scientists and field investigators rushed to the ruins of the ruined secret laboratory in order to mock there for the sake of the future of all mankind. But the mutants who escaped to freedom are a serious threat to anyone who ends up there. So you need to be careful and act with an eye to a variety of dangers. Beautiful graphics, strategy elements, action mixed with a smart pause, a variety of soldiers, abilities, characteristics, weapons, tasks, conditions and much more makes the game an excellent choice for fans of really high-quality games.

Xenowerk Tactics is a strategy game with elements of a shooter where you are waiting for skirmishes with alien creatures in one of the secret laboratories. The plot of the game tells about the commander of a special forces detachment, which alone goes to a secret laboratory, where the disaster happened recently. You are facing a difficult task, to save the world from destruction, or to increase the income of the Xenoverk corporation by donating hundreds of thousands of people.

Engage in research activities and send well-armed units to infected areas. Use all available skills, features and mutations to deal with all the dangers and failures that may arise during the next trip. Abandoned factories, laboratories, jungles, swamps and other locations that you have to explore, collecting valuable resources and completing secondary tasks. You will be able to independently control the actions of each of the units, managing them in real time. Use traps, decoys, fragmentation grenades and assault rifles to deal with monsters. Only tactically correct decisions will help you win dozens of battles.

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Updated 18.06.2020
Category Strategy
Latest Version 1.2.9
Publish Date 11.10.2019
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