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The description

Top War: Battle Game – an original mix of mechanics inherent in familiar strategies for mobile platforms, as well as projects where combining is the main action in certain scenery. In this case, the players will join the same unit units immediately before the start of the battle. Understanding the opponent’s defense will allow you to choose the appropriate degree of development, after throwing the result into battle. In addition, there is a leveling of your base, research, as well as much and much more that will not let you get bored. Well, the futuristic setting and nice graphics also leave only the most positive impressions.

At your disposal in Top War: Battle Game will be a small military base located in the middle of a huge island. Thousands of other players will be located around you, gradually expanding your own possessions and increasing military power. As with any other strategy of this format, players need to engage in the construction of new buildings, mining resources, training soldiers and participating in battles. In this regard, there is nothing unusual, there are workers who are engaged in collecting resources, they also build buildings, improve them and explore new territories. Soldiers and military equipment play an important role. Units differ in both type and weaponry, and you can combine a group of identical soldiers to get a modernized detachment with improved characteristics.

The most interesting is the battle. They are divided into two parts. First, we need to select units, place them on the playing field, improve if possible, and only then indicate the landing point and wait for the battle to complete. Victories bring game currency in the form of crystals, coins and resources, spend them wisely and then, the enemies will not have a single chance. You must become the commander of a small army, engage in the development of your own settlement and take part in bloody battles, fighting with real players. At first, you will have a small settlement, where there is a main building, as well as several auxiliary ones, where soldiers train and deploy, extract and store resources, study and use new technologies.

The first step is to build mines that will bring you gold. Money is needed to train new soldiers, equip them with cool guns and not to forget about military equipment. Airplanes, tanks, helicopters, boats and ships, anti-aircraft installations and much more. The most interesting thing is the possibility of combining not only buildings, but also soldiers, military equipment, which allows you to get the building you need, units or vehicles of a higher level. The higher the level of buildings, the more gold they bring, open access to new types of units and more.

Before the battle begins, you need to assemble an army that will go into battle, you need to unite the same characters to the highest possible level, and then send them to the battlefield. At the time of the battle, the characters fight each other on their own, you just have to wait for the battle to end. If successful, you will receive gold and experience points, which will go towards the modernization of the settlement and units.

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Updated 30.06.2020
Category Strategy
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Publish Date 29.12.2019
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