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State of Survival

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State of Survival – a strategy that takes place six months after the outbreak. Because of which, most of humanity has turned into a zombie. The remains of the survivors were able to adapt, and now they are hiding behind high fences. Players will take control of one of these enclaves and try to make it a center of life and an analogue of the capital for the entire region. And for this you have to deal with a variety of tasks and missions. Trade with neighbors, fight off attacks, develop infrastructure, build defensive lines, as well as much more that fans of the setting will definitely like.

A zombie apocalypse happened, most of the inhabitants of the planet Earth were infected with a terrible virus and turned into the walking dead. The plot of the game tells us about the events that unfold six months after the terrible tragedy. You managed to survive and now you need to do everything to survive and not become a victim of bloodthirsty monsters and ruthless looters. The virus, which enslaved a large part of the population, spread very quickly throughout the territory, turned people into zombies and forced influential politicians, businessmen and other people to hide in reliable bunkers, leaving ordinary people face to face with deadly creatures. You have to fight for your own life, build useful structures, warehouses, erect towers, train soldiers and obtain resources that will go towards improving your new home / base.

In addition to endless buildings and improvements, you, of course, will be able to study new lands, as well as study a terrible disease that has caused millions of deaths around the world. Find and save the survivors, give them work and fight off the crowds of zombies. Play together with your friends, make new friends, communicate and try together, to build a completely new and safe world for all survivors.

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Updated 30.06.2020
Category Strategy
Latest Version 1.8.47
Publish Date 27.04.2019
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v1.8.47 - Mod: No skill CD
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v1.7.40 - No skill CD
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