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Plague Inc

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The description

Plague Inc. is a natural simulator of misanthropy, where your goal is to reduce the population of the Earth to the grave, infecting it with a deadly bacillus. No half measures – if at least one person has survived, you will be counted as a defeat.

The threat of mass epidemics is usually remembered only in the winter, at the height of the flu, and with panic news about another infection like the Ebola or Zika virus. However, not everyone realizes that they are highly likely to carry hepatitis B, which kills up to 700,000 people every year, or tuberculosis – the most dangerous infection that took 1.5 million lives in 2014 alone.

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Fortunately, these intractable diseases just sleep inside most of us. But what if one day nature transfers them into an active state? How quickly will scientists and doctors cope – or how soon will civilization wither? God willing, we will never know the real answer, but we can simulate the worst course of events right now – in Plague Inc.

Viruses vs. Humans

The selection of insidious microorganisms is nominally not very large – 10 choices – but each of them in its own way juggles with three key parameters (infectiousness, severity and fatality) and is endowed with characteristic features.

  • Bacterium is a standard, universal type without obvious flaws.
  • Virus is prone to violent uncontrolled mutations, giving out its existence to doctors and forcing it to act more aggressively.
  • Neurax worm is the only pest that can subjugate humanity to itself.
  • Necroa incites a zombie apocalypse on the planet with hordes of walking corpses and military resistance, but in the early stages it is easier for doctors to calculate.
  • Nano-virus (vicious microscopic robots) is initially at the sight of scientists, and your task is to manage to bury earthlings before eggheads turn you off.
  • Simian flu, similar to Necroa, is a tribute to and reference to the film “Planet of the Apes: Revolution”, where the virus almost killed humanity, and the monkeys were brought to the next stage of evolution.


It is very easy to start the extermination of homo sapiens: we indicate any country on a flat map of the world, confirm the choice – and here the zero patient launches a ruthless mechanism. However, each state or region (for example, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia does not exist separately – they are united in the Baltic states) has its own specifics that affect the distribution of bacilli. Climate, the well-being of citizens, the presence of marinas and airports, the degree of urbanization and other factors depend on what aspects of development to focus on.

Plague Inc 2

The properties of the disease, although related to its type, are generally divided into three categories: “transmission”, “symptoms”, “skills”. The first determines the path of infection: through air, water, using insects, animals, etc., and there are also nuances here. Suppose mosquitoes are effective at high temperatures, blood infection prevails in poor countries, and cattle are perfect for malignant purposes in agricultural regions. Some carriers, such as birds, in addition increase the likelihood of genetic mutations – you probably heard about H5N1.Symptoms are the main section responsible for the functioning of pathogens.

Nausea, cough, rash, photophobia, insomnia, anemia and other minor inconveniences under close control evolve into fever, pulmonary fibrosis, hemorrhagic shock, necrosis, or many other terrible terms that will be indicated later in the pathological examination.Finally, the skills of vile microorganisms include adaptability to climatic zones, drug resistance and unique branches: the formation of a zombie herd instinct and ability to regenerate, taming restless biological weapons, dispersing fungal spores to distant territories, etc.

Graphics and Sound

The appearance for the strategy has always been almost in last place, because the player is primarily interested in the mechanics of strategy. There is everything in order with the mechanics of Plague Inc. The visual design in the game is minimalistic. A world map is available for us with minimal animation of life on Earth. And all that is required of us to break DNA balls in time and follow the links, improving a certain attribute of the virus. It is necessary to think over the correct pumping, and the rest will be done for us by destroying stupid people in batches. Although the graphics are simple, they look pretty good, although they could be much better and put more pressure on the atmosphere, making you feel like you are death. In fact, a boring tablet with an inscription is our reward.

Sound, that’s what you can call a great solution. The music in the background is quite calm, but at the same time it adds atmosphere to the game for the very tomatoes. The sounds are also individually good and add a peculiar charm to the game. Yes, the game is really good and original in its genre of strategies, but the language does not turn out to be called a masterpiece. As for me, it is impossible to play hundreds of hours in it, as, for example, in the same civilization.

Game modes

There are a little modes in Plague Inc., but the primary needs they cover. The “single” game mode consists of the main game, where you manage each disease in order, opening the “pleasant” genome modifiers with another triumph (one gene increases the amount of DNA, the other reduces the likelihood of mutations, the third accelerates the spread of water, etc.), and next infection. In addition, there is speed passage and official/user scenarios where you can take control of the bubonic plague or an ancient virus that has slept in permafrost for 30,000 years, as well as try your hand in cramped conditions: either countries close their borders, then scientists massively transplant organs to patients, then volcanic ash interferes with air travel. Few? Take a look at the editor and come off to the fullest with extensive tools.

Plague Inc 1

Multiplayer also includes confrontation and a joint match. There are two pathogens on the map at once, and in the first case you are trying to get ahead of the enemy in killing earthlings, and in the second you are trying to achieve victory in the team.

It is competitive multiplayer that gives out impressive layouts. Once, my opponent, dominating during the duel, literally left the race at the last minute, because his illness killed the carriers before they could infect the remaining 2% of the population. For the sake of such episodes and emotions, you will come here again and again.

Our summary

Despite the gloomy theme, Plague Inc . is a relaxing game, as if introducing into an easy trance. Looking at the microscopic boats and planes that spread the worst infection in history across the continents, you are not only thinking about how to score more points or wipe life off the face of the earth in the shortest possible time, but how helpless we are in front of nature and how much horror she can bring us.


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