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Out There: Ω Edition

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The description

Out There: Ω Edition is a chic strategy that has successfully won the hearts of fans of hardcore adventure projects with unpredictable developments. The main character will be an astronaut who wakes up from a cryogenic sleep and realizes that he flew away very, very far from the destination. Around the unknown sector of the galaxy, which is fraught with a lot of secrets, secrets and dangers. You must try to get to the territories inhabited by the human race. And to do this will be not just difficult, but almost impossible. Many external factors and their own mistakes will lead to one death after another.


So, the long dream in the cryochamber is over, and you have to get used to the features of the world of the future. Under the influence of science, reality has changed beyond recognition, so the main character feels himself a stranger in it. At his disposal is transferred the best starship together in an arsenal of powerful weapons. The mission of your character’s team is to colonize new worlds and get to know their strange inhabitants. On your way with friends will certainly meet many evil creatures. Almost every step involves the risk of getting into dangerous trouble, getting out of which will be incredibly difficult.


Your main task will be survival, not endless battles. All available reserves the character will have to spend on the extraction of various resources. The beginning of interstellar travel is preceded by a choice of difficulty level. The generation of new worlds occurs randomly, which means that it is impossible to give any predictions for the further development of events.

At the top of the display are fuel gauges, the remaining oxygen reserves of the hero, as well as the strength values ​​of the case. In the bottom row there are 3 more buttons, namely the galactic atlas, a map of the current star system, as well as data on the equipment of the ship.

The tasks of your mission include:

– Execution of responsible government orders;
– Exploration of newly discovered planets;
– Management of a unique spacecraft;
– Responding to signals warning of danger to the team;
– Extraction of minerals, as well as their further use.

Do not neglect the study of information about the planets. The atmosphere on some of them is extremely dangerous and can easily destroy your team.


– Perfectly implemented graphics;
– Unpredictable plot twists;
– Space simulator design;
– The atmosphere of the best comics.

Equip your spaceship faster, otherwise the laurels of the space discoverer will go to one of the competitors.

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Category Strategy
Latest Version 3.0
Publish Date 24.01.2020
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