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Last version: 1.0.219
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The description

Expanse RTS Premium is a classic real-time strategy game very reminiscent of a legend like Red Alert. Earth suffers from overpopulation and lack of resources. Ships with colonists fly around the galaxy. However, having arrived at a potentially habitable planet, we see that it is almost impossible to live on. There is a rebellion and all those flying on a ship are divided into three factions: scientists, workers and the military. We have to join one of them. Then, depending on the chosen side, we will carry out various missions. We are deploying a planet base on the surface, building industrial buildings for the extraction of resources, electric generators, barracks, military factories, radars, airfields, etc. We train troops, defend the base and try to destroy the enemies.

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Updated 20.06.2020
Category Strategy
Latest Version 1.0.219
Publish Date 01.04.2020
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