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The description

Crying Suns – an Android game in which a significant role is assigned to the plot. You assume the role of Admiral Ellys Idaho, or rather, his clone, awakened from sleep by the overseer of the cloning secret base – Caliban. The latter is OMNI – a kind of high-tech robot designed to perform a specific task. The awakening of our character is due to the fact that with any Empire lost any connection. The reasons are unknown, and it is necessary to find out what happened.


Any flight in Crying Suns begins with the selection of your ship and the selection of a team. Space vessels are represented by 6 different types, each with its own strengths and weaknesses. Initially, one version of the ship is available, others will be unlocked during the story. What is their difference? For example, one ship is initially equipped with modifications that strengthen airborne guns, but suffers from a flimsy hull, the other boasts an excellent selection of combat squadrons and support systems, and the third, in principle, is built around the specific tactics of Zerg suicide drones. It is possible to modify certain aspects of combat readiness, including increasing indicators, such as the number of guns or the strength of armor, but to a certain value, limited by the class of the ship.

Teamwork is an important aspect of Crying Suns. Initially, you can choose two officers who have passive skills and characteristics. Features are usually tied to one of the main ship systems: squadrons, hull or weapons. Skills have a wider range of applications. First, during attacks on planets, they determine the success of their resolution, but we will talk about this a little later. Secondly, events – various skills that open up additional dialogue options when solving certain problems, thereby leading to more interesting results, but they do not affect the plot.

It looks like this: you find yourself in a randomly generated chain of systems where you need to get from start to finish. Along the way, collect fuel, without which it is impossible to move both on the common map and inside the system, pick up junk (the main local currency), encounter various random events, fight enemy ships, visit the stations where you recruit a new crew, buy squadrons and airborne guns, etc. All in order to increase own power and successful victory over the boss of the cluster, which will be expected at the end of the path. You can’t delay it, because a special alarm will begin to spread through the chains of systems and, if you find yourself in the blockade sector, you will have to fight with powerful enemy ships. Doesn’t Crying Suns resemble anything?


Random events – special events that may turn out to be a banal ambush of the enemy, a dialogue with several options for resolving the situation, or a story with its own small “storyline”. Careless elections easily lead to losses, sometimes very serious, affecting the entire flight. However, unfortunately, random events will start to repeat quite quickly, while remembering the “correct” options you will easily solve them in the future Crying Suns quests.

Stations – points of interest, offering a list of services for a fee. There are several types of such outposts; each has its own set of proposals.

Planets for sorties – another place where you can both win big and lose seriously in resources or even a carriage. In essence, this is a simple randomizer of events, the success of the passage of which depends on the number of troops and the officer sent to sortie. The loot options are quite extensive, you can find all kinds of usefulness, starting with common tools and ending with the rare DNA of super-officers, who can then be hired as a team.

Collision with an enemy ship – in most cases means a battle, and here the Crying Suns takes a step towards RTS. On a fairly large field in opposite corners, your and enemy starships are located. The goal is simple – to destroy all available layers of the enemy’s corps, while not losing their own. Squadrons, airborne guns and officers with their passive features will help in this difficult task..

Squadrons – the main striking force. There are three types of them in Crying Suns: fighters, drones and frigates, each of them has an advantage against the other according to the principle of stone-paper-scissors, i.e. fighters easily destroy drones, drones quickly deal with frigates, and frigates almost do not notice the presence of fighters. Despite such a limited number of types, types of units are many times more. For example, there are fighters with a camouflage system or an auto-repair system, and there are drones that cannot move around the field in the usual way, but can be teleported to any point with a delay.

Airborne guns – another important aspect of Crying Suns, and there is a decent variety. There are guns that can only attack squadrons, others are designed to destroy the corps pointwise, there are options that impose various debuffs or cause massive damage.

Officers – units that have a beneficial effect on one of the systems: weapons, corps or squadrons, and can repair critical damage. The fact is that point attacks lead to some unpleasant effects, such as fires, etc. It is impossible to ignore them, because they cause a tremendous decrease in the effectiveness of systems, and when neglected, they can lead to the death of an officer or your ship as a whole.

That’s all, in fact … Be prepared for death, because the great random is able to give great gifts or equally arrange a speedy death somewhere at the beginning of the journey.

Graphics and sound

Crying Suns has a very unusual combination of pixel 2D graphics with full 3D models. The visual design follows the atmosphere of multi-colored space and cold metal with neon lights. It looks very stylish!

Sound effects are quite good. OST is what you would expect from a sci-fi space project. It should be noted that OST has high enough quality.

Our summary


  • Good story presentation with few endings.
  • Nice visual design.
  • Good OST.
  • An interesting mix of RTS and rogue-lite elements.
  • Decent replay value.


  • Random events will begin to repeat rather quickly.
  • AI during fights often does stupid things.
  • No possibility of choosing a plot chapter, only a complete reset with the loss of all open ships.

Crying Suns is a powerful project that clearly takes inspiration from FTL. An interesting mix of mechanics sets an unhurried and thoughtful management process with its own calculations of risks, and pushes a good story further, because each chapter gives a new task that will lead to the final destination and the main answer – what happened?!

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Updated 02.07.2020
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