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Civilization VI

Civilization VI

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The description

Long-awaited news for those who like to rebuild cities, master territories, develop technologies and weave political intrigues. The sixth installment of Sid Meier’s legendary turn-based strategy series Civilization VI, released two years ago, has finally reached mobile platforms – so far only on iOS and in the basic version. It is worth mentioning that the free version of the game allows you to make only the first sixty moves, and besides, it is demanding on the capabilities of the iPhone. To install, you have to free up 3.4 gigabytes of memory. However, if you sit down for the “Civilization” party seriously, you will no longer need other applications.

This time, the developers decided to return to the origins of development and try to stabilize fan aggression. In addition to the usual development, the developers will now offer us the development of cities, which will apply not to one cell, but to several at once. We will be offered new opportunities and significantly improve the AI ​​of rivals. The multiplayer component of the game will not go anywhere either. As soon as the game goes live, you can immediately download Civilization 6 for free. In the meantime, you should get acquainted with the following development features.

Features of Civilization VI for Android

– huge empires: this time you have to take into account your scale, since this will directly affect your position in the world, the wealth and power of your army, do not forget about the resources and different opinions of your neighbors;

– research: this time, various interesting places will be scattered around the world that may be valuable to your scientists and it is from them that you can extract not only new knowledge, but also significant benefits;

– unpredictable diplomacy: this time your neighbors will become more unpredictable, and the number of elements to which they will react will significantly increase, make careful decisions and try not to unleash a war that has dire consequences;

– the concept of troop support: this time you have to face a rather interesting system that allows you to combine units into one squad, now each of your troops can be combined to get a more powerful and effective squad, just try to approach this matter logically and carefully, so how an improperly formed squad will cause your constant losses;

– multiplayer direction: now you will face an interesting system of scenarios that are intended for you and your friends, you can check how capable a manager you are, how cleverly you can solve problems and how important it is sometimes to join forces, even if in the future you have to fight each other friend;

– a pipe dream: thanks to such an improved system of interaction and other detailed elements, now each player will be able to create such an empire that he has long dreamed of and for which he actually went through all the past parts, now everything has become larger and more accessible.

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Category Strategy
Latest Version 1.2.0
Publish Date 17.08.2020
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