Art of War: Legions

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The description

Art of War: Legions is another project from 10P STUDIO that continues the development of a series of strategies with low-poly graphics and a serious tactical component. Which at the same time boasts a good share of humor in what is happening. So gamers are not in danger of boredom or monotony. Each event can be beaten by dozens of options and always have an unpredictable ending. There are also just battles with the editor of the alignment of troops, there is also a list of tasks that will require participants to thoroughly understand the situation and find the perfect solution, depending on the conditions and human resources that they have received.

Art of War: Legions – a strategy with cartoon graphics, where you are waiting for the battle between real players.

Everyone will be able to try their hand at first commanding a small army, which will subsequently grow into a whole legion. The game has several modes prepared: the campaign is divided into levels, in it you can gain experience, earn coins and acquire new warriors, and the multiplayer game mode allows you to fight against other players, testing your own army for durability.

At your disposal will be warriors who belong to different classes, there are knights, archers, magicians, healers and other units. Before the battle, you need to place the soldiers on the playing field, and, in the presence of the same units, they can be combined, having received a more powerful squad. In addition, at the time of the battle, you can summon additional warriors simply by tapping the screen. If your army turns out to be stronger, then you will receive a guaranteed prize in the form of a chest with coins and you can go to the next level.

In addition to the campaign and arena modes, the game has missions that will allow you to earn extra currency, upgrade your current level and open access to new characters. Win crushing victories, earn currency, upgrade your own army and compete with your friends, choosing the right tactics and strategy for each of the battles.

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Updated 27.04.2020
Category Strategy
Latest Version 2.8.5
Publish Date 04.11.2019
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