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Age Of Civilizations 2

Age Of Civilizations 2

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The description

Global strategies are doing well on mobile platforms. Age of Civilizations 2 is a further development of “Age of Civilizations”, which was released in 2014 on Android. The sequel has replenished with new features, which is why making history has become much more interesting. Choose the hysterical period that you like best and use it as a kind of reference point. Move to the XI century and turn the Principality of Bavaria into the economic center of young Europe, then to take everything into your own hands. Choose an eventful period after the First World War and take control of a weakened Germany, and then make it a great colonial power, driving the British back to a tiny island. Like many other global strategies, the game gives a chance to realize all geopolitical fantasies. Who will be the top leader on your world map? It is up to the players to decide.


After Age of Civilizations 2 APK download, you can move forward in the game both by military operations and by diplomacy. And it’s better to use all the leverage in general to achieve maximum results. Move the armies closer to the enemy’s capital and begin negotiations – being in a disadvantaged position, the rest of the state’s provinces will quickly surrender, and you will save precious resources. Strike at the moment of unrest within the enemy’s state – the revolution will weaken the power of your neighbor, and you will quickly take everything in hand. Diplomacy can also save players from defeat. If you got involved in a war, and there is no victory even on the horizon, it is better to drag out the peace talks and give the enemy a couple of provinces. Unpleasant, but better than ending the game ahead of time.


In order for the state to be strong in the game, you will have to take care of the economy: put points in production, increase the population, control cash flows and much more. On the global map, you can see the closest competitors and indicators of all countries. Even if you are militarily stronger than a neighbor with a more powerful economy, hostilities can quickly deplete you, while your competitor will grow stronger with domestic resources.

War tactics

The war in “Age of Civilizations 2” is not shown very clearly. You can’t see the amount of equipment, enemies with different types of weapons (for example, missiles) and operate a fleet. It is proposed to fight with figurative figures symbolizing military power. This makes it impossible, because hostilities are, in fact, the most interesting thing in Android game. In addition, to join the neighbors to the growing empire, most often, it will have to be just a war. It would be very interesting to choose a priority in armaments and, for example, to block the ports of the enemy in order to persuade the enemy to negotiate and make concessions.

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