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NBA 2K21

NBA 2K21

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Sports simulators are good for their stability – gamers get their new part every year, enjoy the battles and don’t even think that the fresh part may not come out. And the developers of NBA 2K21 A confirmed the stability of their project by releasing a fairly high-quality basketball simulator that looks awesome and has a number of interesting innovations that attract the attention of the audience. Yes, there are some disadvantages, where can we go without them, but in fact I can say that they are easily overridden by the advantages of the new game. There are quite a few of them, so let’s not waste time – let’s get straight to the point.


We’ve always liked the NBA 2K series because it is very easy to understand for a player who first sat down to play, but at the same time, if he wants, a gamer can become a pro and enjoy such tricks and tricks that real NBA players will envy. And in NBA 2K21 this feature has been improved – now the Pro Stick technology has become more malleable for the tricks that the player does while in possession of the ball. Earlier, in the previous parts of the series, the retraction of the stick gave us the function of a throw, while it was unrealistic to control the ball when attacking or defending. Now the function works differently, it is very convenient to control the ball, especially in the attack, when the enemy has already taken position and you need to somehow break the defense with cunning feints. This is, without a doubt, one of the best innovations of the project, allowing you to enjoy the game at a high level of skill with renewed vigor. Although the beginners also liked this feature, the main thing is to read the description of the controls to understand the intricacies.


Along with the change of control in dribbling, the developers changed the mechanics of throws in the air and from under the rim. Now a special scale will appear above the player’s head, which requires the selection of the ideal point for making an accurate hit. Naturally, as always, the speed and accuracy of a hit depends on the skill level of the player who makes the throw, but on practice, we managed to hit even quite large defenders from the three-point line, which is actually quite a difficult task. The difficulty lies in the fact that this is slightly different from the mechanics of last year, so at first you will need to get used to and master. But there is nothing wrong with that – a similar mechanic was in the 2017 version, for example.


A rather important point is always graphics and physics, and now, with the future transition to a new generation of consoles, players have begun to talk about the picture twice as often. It should be noted that the graphics feel a little more pleasant, realistic and interesting. There are still no fundamental changes, but if you look closely at the details, they become noticeable. We should also praise the developers who worked on physics, which, as it seems to us, has also become a little more realistic, especially the flight of the ball and everything connected with it. In this regard, the authors are really great fellows, and what will happen on the new generation consoles is completely scary to imagine.


Yes, the game also has drawbacks, albeit not entirely obvious. For example, we didn’t really like the speed of the game in our careers – it cannot be increased, so the matches are very long. This problem was in the last part of the series, but this is probably the vision of the developers. In all other respects, the game has become better, the players have become more beautiful, the modes are the same – you can fight both in quick matches and in multiplayer, or even go through a career.

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Updated 01.05.2021
Category Sports
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Publish Date 01.09.2020