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The description

NBA 2K20 for Android is another sports game dedicated to basketball from 2K. In addition to improving the mechanics and graphics, as well as the updated lineups of the NBA teams, WNBA women’s league was added for the first time in the series history.

What’s new in NBA 2K20?

As in previous games, the NBA 2K20 series is based on realism. The hero of our review offers powerful game mechanics that accurately reproduces both the player’s behavior and the typical game in the match. The developers received all the necessary licenses, including players, teams and fields. This applies not only to the NBA championship league, but also, for the first time in the history of the series, to the women’s WNBA.

Nba 2k20 Android

The addition of basketball players, teams and leagues is the biggest change, but not the only innovation. The authors have not badly improved the graphics, control system and behavior of the ball on the field. Artificial intelligence has also been upgraded. Virtual rivals have become much smarter and more interesting to play with.


NBA 2K20 allows you to play alone or in multiplayer modes locally or via the Internet. The modes “my career” and “my team”, which were known from the previous parts of the game, returned. In the first, we create our own player, and then guide him through the subsequent stages of the career of a professional basketball player. In the “my team” mode, we collect cards from athletes and exchange them with other players to create our own dream team.

  • Play in story mode and complete tasks to become the greatest NBA player.
  • Play street basketball with one ring and show what you can do in streetball
  • Multiplayer mode allows you to play basketball against real opponents using the Internet or local connection.
  • The coach mode of the baseball club allows you to take control of one of the clubs and manage it during the game, manage the budget of the club, recruit new players and much more.
  • An additional attraction is the manager is advertising campaign and the NBA Blacktop module on street basketball

My career mode

“My Career” in NBA 2K20, as always, begins with creating your own avatar. Using a mobile application, you can give your character a face. However, scanning does not always work well – only on the third attempt did you manage to make a hero remotely like me.

Nba 2k20 Modes

Depending on the chosen parameters, the character will have a certain ceiling in leveling, and in order to improve one or another skill, it is necessary to spend the same “VC” coins that are hard to accumulate. Without additional infusions, your hero’s progress is very slow, which eventually begins to annoy and discourages the desire to play.

Between matches show plot intros in which the main character rises through the ranks. NBA stars and Hollywood actors such as Idris Elba, Rosario Dawson and Thomas Middleditch often appear in the frame. The story is not much different from a typical movie about sports, and even the presence of popular faces does not greatly refresh the standard concept..

Ladies’ first

Since the series closely intertwine with the real league, it takes over social trends from it. For example, in the NBA 2K20, club owners were also renamed as managers so as not to hurt the feelings of African Americans, and clubs from the female NBA, which has been increasingly highlighted by important people, have recently been released onto the site.

Fortunately, the girls here are not just for show – the feelings from the management of Indiana Fever are different from the male Indiana Pacers. Ladies act more gently and gracefully, are not friends with dunks, movements for them are unique, and recorded from scratch, and even the colors of the scenery seem to be brighter. In addition, the WNBA has its own season mode with basic functionality: tactical settings, statistics, exchanges, etc. In general, women’s basketball does not attract revolution, but this is a nice bonus.


In terms of physics, the NBA 2K has long gone ahead compared to its main competitor and nothing has changed there for a very long time, since a certain limit has been reached. The ball feels real, it has weight, it bounces nicely from the floor and the shield, and you hear the sound from the athlete’s sneaker coming up when they run forward to attack. Athletes themselves also feel alive – they do not fall into each other during jumps and blocks, they realistically throw the ball into the ring and behave like real basketball players. This is the peculiarity of the project – you feel everything that happens on the screen.

Nba 2k20 Stories

Only dribbling has about 20 different variations, and basketball players behave exactly like their real prototypes on the court. Players of small stature are now noticeably ahead of tall players, more freedom has appeared for insane combinations and dunks. This does not mean that artificial intelligence began to behave like a log. No, it is just that this game is not about defensive schemes, especially since the bots have learned to open well and choose more suitable positions for throws. The latter, by the way, have changed the animation – the ball now flies smoother.

Graphics and sound

It’s hard enough to somehow advertise graphics in a game that has been very beautiful for several years now. If you played NBA 2K18, for example, then you have already seen a gorgeous picture, the most realistic players and other features of modern graphics, and every year these aspects simply make it even better. For example, it seems to me that the faces of the characters have become more realistic, their form is even more attractive during running and jumping, and the parquet itself has become more realistic. As a result, the picture was gorgeous before that, and now it just got better.

Compared to the previous year’s release, the schedule has not changed much. The developers reduced background blur during close-ups, updated the faces and hairstyles of some basketball players, but during the game there are practically no special differences from NBA 2K19. Despite this, the picture still looks modern, and the only thing to complain about is small animations. During close-ups, some gluing of the players’ movements becomes noticeable, but this is not critical and from the general plan of action, the athletes seem very realistic.

Nba 2k20 Features

In terms of music, the series is true to itself, so hip-hop dominates. This time, Drake, T-Pain, Lil Wayne, Travis Scott, Selena Gomez and other musicians presented their compositions to the game. So if you leave the game in the menu at a high volume and go about your business, you risk pumping the neighbors.

Final thoughts

Many gamers are worried and afraid to buy this game, since somewhere on the Internet they read that it is too complicated, hardcore and requires players to have high enough knowledge in the field of virtual basketball. In fact, the game has an advanced training mode where you are shown how to throw the ball, how to block the player correctly, how to move, and so on. There are animations of how the player throws the ball and which keys to press, it is possible to lower the opponent’s difficulty level and start with maximum resistance. In general, newcomers are also welcome here.

NBA 2K20 is a basketball game belonging to the popular sports series. If you are a fan of the series, then you cannot miss the next update!


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Updated 01.05.2021
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