This War of Mine

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The description

This War of Mine is a sensational simulator from 11 bit studios, which made a lasting impression on gamers due to its gloomy surroundings, aura of hopelessness, hardcore and raised serious moral and ethical dilemmas. Players will help a group of ordinary people survive in urban battles. They do not have any cool skills and are not at all eager to become heroes. They just want to save their lives. But to do this will be extremely difficult. It is necessary at night to make sorties, find supplies, arm and so on. And each act will affect the further development of the plot.

It is not necessary to survive in an open area, but in a small dilapidated building. The amount of food, water and other resources will be limited; maximum efforts will have to be made so that each of the survivors can get everything necessary for a normal existence. This War of Mine is an insanely atmospheric and slightly creepy post-apocalyptic survival simulator. You can control several characters at once. In other words, you yourself choose which characters should be engaged in certain tasks. The gameplay can be divided into two parts. In the daytime, you need to repair the building: clean mountains of garbage, repair doors, furniture, disassemble numerous boxes and more, which can bring you both food and useful resources. You will have a machine on which you can craft a variety of objects, tools and weapons, so that later, use them.

As soon as the time comes to night, the gameplay will change its style. You have to choose characters who will go outside and will be engaged in the study of territories, collecting medicines, weapons and ammunition. Be careful, not only bandits, but also mutants roam the streets. The adoption of each of the decisions can affect the development of the storyline, it will not be easy for you, because some of the decisions border on conscience and moral judgments.

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Updated 21.06.2020
Category Simulation
Latest Version 1.5.10
Publish Date 28.03.2020
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