Prison Empire Tycoon

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The description

For those of you who are interested in the unique experiences of being in prison, you will certainly love this fantastic travel name called Prison Empire Tycoon. Relax in building your dungeon and take part in a deep and fun game management. In prison, you collect many interesting activities and interact freely with the various elements of the game.

Prison Empire Tycoon will inform Android players of the deep prospects behind the cells, from an administrative perspective. Feel free to manage your prison and take part in many interesting activities with staff and prisoners. Do a good job of rehabilitating prisoners so they can return to the community and your prison needs to be better known.

Find out more about the exciting games of the exciting Prison Empire Tycoon with our extensive research.


For those of you who liked an interesting Hotel Tycoon, Harbor Tycoon and many other real Codigames simulators, you will no doubt find the great Prison Empire Tycoon. With its elegant classic mechanism and unique configuration settings, you should be able to play even better.

Here, at Prison Empire Tycoon, Android users are unaware of insecurity and manage their prisons with minimal security. Start with effective prison management and pay attention to gameplay to improve your current situation. When you’re trying to get them on the right track, check out the staff and get on the prisoners.

Prisoners who are rehabilitating benefit from government and community support. Establish a reputation for prisoners to recover. Improve several other features and additions to keep you in the game. Become a tyrant with the best prison chains and build your own large organization.


Here are all the interesting features that the game offers:

A simple and fun live simulation game

Here, at Prison Empire Tycoon, Android gamers should enjoy a simple and hassle-free simulation game. Explore the different meanings of the game and discover a fully interactive prison on your live devices. The changes and changes you want to make to the settings make playing with the prisoner’s fun. More importantly, the title will provide a complete prison simulation, which will allow you to immerse yourself completely in the fantastic world within the walls.

Act according to their basic needs

Start the actions of our detainees, while guaranteeing their personal rights and basic needs. It includes protecting a good environment that allows them to work in peace and quiet, take precedence over conflicts and concerns, improve living conditions, find happiness, and so on.

Take them to the library so they can learn. Set up phone kiosks to find a connection between them and their families. Prepare a game so that they can play some sports. Prisoners leave their inmates with a good drink and a good night’s sleep so that they can work more in social work. All of this should help to improve prisoners’ mental state and prepare them to make further changes.

Manage your employees regularly

Prison Empire Tycoon at the same time helps you to manage well your employees so that their work ethic is effective. As an administrator, you can set up prisons anywhere and create some freelancers. Start looking for cafeteria staff, doctors, cleaners, producers and security guards who can work in prisons and improve their skills. As you continue playing in the crown game, improve your working conditions and schedule, make sure your employees trained well and easily perform their duties. As a result, you can manage the prison effectively.

Let the prisoners work in various social activities

The best way to rehabilitate inmates and prepare them for community rehabilitation is to work with your inmates in various public works that not only benefit you, but also increase their sense of well-being. Let the prisoners get more work to help the community. Alternatively, take them to do some work in prisons by slowly building good people from them.

Make things happen with several improvements

Therefore, since you can make the game even more fun, Prison Empire Tycoon also offers many different improvements that you can offer in your dungeon. These include both advanced staff training and inmate care. Simplify the installation of a nursing room to clean the entire prison. Hire a cook so that staff and inmates can enjoy their meals. Upgrade the hospital so you can effectively treat patients and more. Updates and countless add-ons allow you fully enjoy the exciting gameplay in prison.

Order all around the prison

Since your prison is full of criminals from different backgrounds, you need to increase security inside and outside the cells. Before you start fighting or rebelling, let them keep an eye on the prisoners and stay on their site. As you progress slowly, it will become smarter to become mayor and manage your prison safely and effectively. Stay in a happy atmosphere in the cells and maintain a relationship of trust between the prisoners and the guards. Finally, make sure nobody is doing anything wrong to get out of your prison.

Preparation for the rehabilitation of prisoners

After the end of their prison lives, your inmates must renew themselves in the community. Depending on their progress in the job, you may be able to withdraw from prison activity. Inmates are ready to return to the community, so that they can get an institution like a good institution. As a result, you can easily grow your business and become a unique brand.

Play free

Despite all the interesting features, the game is still free for all Android users on mobile devices. As a result, you can easily get it on Google Play without paying anything. Make it easy to feel comfortable playing whenever you want.

Play a game made on our site.

For those of you interested in Prison Empire Tycoon gameplay, you can always find the game on our website. Here we offer unique in-app purchases that you can download free, plus no-ads feature that makes the game funnier. All you have to do is download Prison Empire Tycoon APK Mod from our website and you will have fun.

Visual and sound quality


With Prison Empire Tycoon, Android users will get simple and interesting graphics with low class settings requirements. As a result, you can have fun with a simulator that also adapts to most of your Android devices with smaller features.

Sound and music

Along with the interesting graphics, Prison Empire Tycoon also offers interesting sound experiences that truly immerse you in your emotions. Here you can enjoy the impressive sound effects that bring you back to the vibrant prison scenarios. At the same time, the interesting soundtracks won’t let you be fooled by the game.

Our thoughts

For those interested in an interesting simulation and control game, you will no doubt find yourself in the wonderful world of Prison Empire Tycoon, as an interesting mobile game will enhance your unique experience. Exit prison management and become a unique guy. More importantly, with the free and unlocked version of the game on our site you will like it even more.

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Updated 10.07.2020
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