Cat Simulator 2020

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The description

Cat Simulator 2020 is an android simulator where you will become a cat that lives on a cozy farm in the middle of a green forest. Get ready for exciting adventures in an open world where you can freely explore the territory and in general, do anything you want. As your level rises, your cat will grow up, and upon reaching level 10 you will have the opportunity to get a partner and subsequently small kittens will appear. Teach the kids, because the bigger and stronger the family, the higher the chances of defeating larger predators, such as a fox or a wild boar. There are also people and other animals on the farm, you can interact with them and complete missions, in return you will receive coins and various bonuses. Cat Simulator 2020 is of great importance to hunting, so arrange unexpected ambushes, for example, stealthily sneaking up behind or jumping out of the bushes, and if the enemy still noticed you, then chase after him, not allowing the prey to escape. In addition, the developers added various breeds of cats that open in the future, the ability to grow vegetables in the beds and the passage of a variety of tasks, during which you can properly study the farm and forest, as well as fight against bosses.

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Updated 19.06.2020
Category Simulation
Latest Version 1.03
Publish Date 10.04.2020
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