Way of Retribution: Awakening

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The description

Way of Retribution: Awakening – action-RPG in the spirit of the well-known hardcore game. This project copies it in many ways, which cannot but please fans of high complexity and overcoming, gloomy universes, as well as the presence of dangerous opponents and giant bosses. The plot will tell the players about the world where something is broken and now everyone is trapped from which it is impossible to get out. Gradually, everyone goes crazy and only a handful of warriors continue to look for a way to return everything to its former places and start the usual course of life again. And for this they have to descend into the very depths of horror and madness.

Way of Retribution: Awakening is an adventure role-playing game with a huge open world, a unique set of equipment and unusual skills.

In the game you will find an incredibly large and detailed game world, dozens of characters, epic confrontations with bosses and hundreds of interesting quests. There are six classes of heroes to choose from, among which there are: a knight, a robber, a healer, a magician, a necromancer and a warrior. The skill sets, equipment and main weapons depend on the choice of class.

The hero is able to freely move around the world, find and pick up items, take part in battles and complete quests. Tasks can be very different, ranging from the search for an elixir and ending with the cleaning of the dungeon, strewn with terrible monsters and demons. Each new level will give character points to the character. They must be distributed between three main characteristics: strength, increases physical damage; dexterity increases us and the power of critical damage, and intelligence increases the damage from using spells. Also, do not forget about pumping such parameters as: health, stamina and spirit.

To control the main character, a multi-position joystick is used, on the left side of the screen, below there is a panel with objects for quick use, and on the right, a set of buttons for attacking enemies and using basic skills. There are a lot of spells in the game, they differ both in type, speed of the cast, and the radius of the damage done. Develop, travel the world, find friends and win boss fights.

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Updated 01.05.2020
Category Role Playing
Latest Version 2.350
Publish Date 30.04.2019
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