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Pascal’s Wager

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The description

Pascal’s Wager is a hurricane mix of Dark Souls and The Witcher with good graphics on the Unity3D engine, dynamic gameplay, first-class sound and a unique atmosphere. All the action takes place in a fantasy world in which light has disappeared and the darkness reigns. Unsurprisingly, local creatures have become aggressive or even insane. Introductory scenes reveal the background to the game and immerse us in its gloomy and sinister atmosphere. At the same time, the graphic level is immediately demonstrated. Yes, it is beautiful, with traced textures and environmental effects, lighting. Nevertheless, the angularity and fuzziness are visible immediately – the game still does not reach the level of consoles.


Our hero, Terrence, goes on a journey in search of a wife and atonement. Viola becomes his companion. The hero, in addition to numerous enemies, will meet other survivors who will issue quests or join Terrence. The player needs to control a character who wanders through a branched location in search of a specific goal. Along the Pascal’s Wager walkthrough, you have to fight monsters, collect loot and complete quests. It’s good if there is a partner available, whose management can be temporarily intercepted. Each hero has his own skills and combat capabilities, so that the alternation will become interesting in itself.


The control of the hero is intuitive – on the left on the screen is a virtual stick for moving, and on the right are the main buttons of the battle key. Additional buttons are unobtrusively placed on the screen to go to the character’s menu and other functions.


The game is far from being limited to the run-crash scenario. Passing Pascal’s Wager will be an interesting adventure. Bones that have fallen from the killed enemies are a kind of currency, which means that you will have to delve into the implemented trading system. Yes, and on the altar you can create amulets and potions. The combination of objects, the development of talents – all this makes the gameplay truly diverse. Our hero, in addition to the standard indicator of health, also has a mental state scale. In this world you can’t turn into crazy, because it is fraught with fines. However, sometimes only a state of rage saves. The player will also have to think about this, providing the right balance.

Graphics and sound

Many games benefit from their ability to immerse themselves in the virtual world, in which case even the roughness is ignored or seems natural. In Pascal’s Wager, such an atmosphere is masterfully created – there is little sun, the sky is covered with clouds, evil is hiding in the shadows, monsters roam everywhere and even the earth seems to be corrupted. Everything seems really gloomy and gives rise to a sense of hopelessness.

The developers emphasize the soundtrack of the game, one can agree with this. Music and effects are creepy, evoke a feeling of incomprehensible what is happening, but at the same time, of course, important. Sounds of battle are quite natural, helping to orientate in dynamic action.

Combat system

In addition, if you can still find fault with the graphics and sound, then the battle system in Pascal’s Wager seems to be well thought out. A quick hit will do little damage, and a powerful one will be slow. However, strokes can be combined in combos, increasing both your chances of winning and the entertainment of the fight. The battle animation is quite smooth, and the opponents are smart, attacking non-standard, then immediately with a crowd. If you conduct a bad attack or forget to put a block, you can lose a lot of life. Yes, and in the battle with the bosses will have to apply all the skills. Not only that, at the time of a collision with them, the level of reason on the scale decreases, which increases the level of the enemy, and the leaders themselves have unique destructive blows. One has only to gape – most of the health has gone.

Our summary

If you still do not understand, then Pascal’s Wager is not an easy game. Probably your character will have to die during her passage, and more than once. Nevertheless, this will allow you to learn, adapt to a complex world and gradually overcome its obstacles. And after the resurrection, most enemies will return, with the exception of bosses. Players will like to search in this world for numerous secrets, hidden locations and side quests. So far not only the combat system attracts Pascal’s Wager. Moreover, the developers promise significant updates – new heroes, locations, quests, so that the game can capture for a long time. Deficiencies of the first versions will undoubtedly be eliminated.

Pascal’s Wager was already named by many as “the game of the year.” Excellent, albeit not revolutionary graphics, high-quality voice acting, an intelligible plot, a whole scattering of the hero’s leveling ability – what else does a gamer need? The game has become moderately complex and has a clear development prospect, which makes you look at it even if you are not a fan of this genre.

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Updated 02.07.2020
Category Role Playing
Latest Version 0.2.1
Publish Date 26.06.2020
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