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The description

Day R Premium is one of the best representatives of text role-playing projects. Gamers are invited to learn how to survive in the hardcore conditions of nuclear post-apocalypse in the USSR of the 1980s. The main character must cross huge distances and save his family. Ahead of him are waiting for radiation zones, mutants, dangerous enemies, various situations, meeting with civilians, completing tasks that bring either valuable loot, or even more valuable information, collapse, ruins, as well as illness, hunger, cold, injuries and much more, which can and will lead to the death of careless travelers from the alternative world.

Day R Premium is a premium version of one of the most famous survival simulators which takes place in the USSR. Connect to the servers and try to survive in this terrible place where nuclear weapons were once used and only memories remained from the former lands. Get quests and complete them, roam the dilapidated cities, look for food, water, medicine and fight against zombies, monsters and real players.

Around you will be endless expanses with radiation, dangerous enemies, traps and more. Your main goal is to survive, find and save your family. No one knows if they were able to survive or were buried alive under the remains of buildings. Your character must drink, otherwise he will die of thirst, eat and rest on time, and strength should be sufficient not only for movement, but also for battles.

Locations on which the player moves will be strewn with useful resources, find and collect them, create the items you need, weapons and clothes. Do not stand in one place, always in motion, hide behind shelters and be prepared to face death.

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Updated 18.03.2020
Category Role Playing
Latest Version 1.660
Publish Date 14.08.2019
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