bit Dungeon III

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Last version: 1.11
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The description

bit Dungeon III is an adventure action game with elements of a bagel. The game has a randomly generated world and dungeons. Take other players as allies or kill them for their precious inventory items. Discover random items that greatly enhance your abilities. Save the world that cannot be saved.

Features of bit Dungeon III:

  • Irreversible death. You get one soul and only one chance to return it when you die. Killing bosses also grants souls.
  • Randomly generated underworlds, dungeons, secrets, objects, and humanoids.
  • An online crystal invasion game using P2P networks, co-op and PvP.
  • Invade and kill other players to get their unequipped inventory items and soul.
  • Play as a random character if you do not want anyone to accidentally intrude or join him, unless you are using a friend list.
  • Each type of weapon has a unique attack power and scaling characteristics.
  • Powerful weapon spells drop from bosses.
  • Improve your character with the help of variable stat runes collected throughout your adventure.
  • Boss and quest weapons.
  • Giant sophisticated underground bosses.
  • Original soundtrack from Houzatosis & Stress_TN.
  • Controller support.
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Updated 19.06.2020
Category Role Playing
Latest Version 1.11
Publish Date 06.04.2020
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