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Apple Knight: RPG Platformer

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Last version: 2.1.1
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The description

Apple Knight: RPG Platformer is an adventure platformer for Android devices with retro design, smooth animation and user-friendly controls. First, choose one of the two heroes and immediately start exploring the vast levels that are full of enemies, traps, chests in secret places and various things that you can find. Use the arrows to go forward and backward, use single and double jump, climb walls, make a sharp dash and perform some other actions. On the way, collect not only coins, but also apples that can be thrown at enemies from a long distance. Also look for checkpoints, they can be activated if you light a fire, because the character has only 3 lives, if they are not left, then you will appear at the checkpoint, and not from the very beginning of the level. Fight your way through hordes of bats, evil wizards, knights and other enemies, and at the end of each world, a boss battle awaits you. Apple Knight: RPG Platformer has at least 40 stages, which are divided into 4 separate chapters, pumping hero skills, equipping him with weapons and changing his appearance, fully customizable control system with gamepad support, saving progress in the cloud service, there are pets to help you in this adventure and other features. The game is quite a quality product for its genre, despite the pixel graphics.

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Category Role Playing
Latest Version 2.1.1
Publish Date 17.09.2020
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