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The description

Tiny Decks & Dungeons is a role-playing project with an old-school look and gameplay resembling a classic sokoban. The world where events are developing is surprised and dumbfounded by the appearance of the so-called Dark Towers and the changes that they bring to the established life of a fantasy spill. The main character is not going to give up under the pressure of problems and begins measures to protect his home and his native village. And for this he will need monsters. Tamed and ready to follow orders. They will become the main weapons. They, as well as the brains of the players, will calculate the correct moves and the most profitable actions.

Tiny Decks & Dungeons is a nontrivial role-playing game with puzzle elements and excellent pixel level styling.

Throughout the game, we have to visit dozens of castles, dungeons and towers, fight hundreds of monsters, make friends and make an unusual pet. The game turned out to be quite interesting, and pixel art and a kind of musical accompaniment will not let you get bored for a long time.

Begin acquaintance with the game to be a short training, where the player will only need to remember some basics. All weapons do different damage and can be used from different distances. You will train on mannequins, hone your punches, shoot with a bow and earn coins that will go to buy new weapons, replenish health and buy useful potions.

All monsters in the game have a certain amount of health. That is why you need to equip your character with the most powerful weapon that is in your inventory, otherwise you will have to make an additional move to destroy the enemies. Naturally, at first it will not work out with the enemy with one blow, but pumping the character’s indicators and buying artifacts, rings and other things will make it possible to change the situation for the better. Hammers, axes, bows, axes and much more will be at the disposal of the protagonist. Wander around locations, fight monsters, find valuable chests and try to go as far as possible.

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Updated 31.03.2020
Category Puzzle
Latest Version 0.0.69
Publish Date 03.12.2019
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