Remember: A Horror Adventure Puzzle Game

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The description

Remember: A Horror Adventure Puzzle Game – a cool quest with a pretty dark style of graphics, numerous puzzles, as well as elements of a horror adventure. The main character wakes up in the morgue. The fact of awakening in a not-so-sweet place is compounded by amnesia. He does not remember who he is or how he ended up here. All that remains is to explore the territory, solve situations, find ways to open doors, gather information by crumbs, look for a way out, and also understand what kind of place it is and why it is here. Fans of well-developed and well-implemented projects should definitely try out this product.

Remember: A Horror Adventure Puzzle Game – a chilling horror with puzzle elements, where you have to reveal many secrets and help the main character in solving several dozen quests.

The plot of the game tells us about the main character who woke up in a damp and dark morgue. He does not remember how he got here and why he ended up here. Help him figure out what happened, find out what happened here and get out.

The game uses classical mechanics for quests with elements of horror, where the user can interact with objects in the location, collect them, activate mechanisms and solve puzzles. In the game, everything is interconnected and the situation, the storyline, and much more change from the actions taken. Pressing the screen is responsible for control, you need to move between locations using tapas in the arrows, and in order to pick up an item, you just need to click on it once. All selected items will be in the inventory, where they can be viewed and then taken to use.

The game has a lot of interesting and confusing puzzles, somewhere you have to look for the key to open the door, and somewhere to collect gears that will help activate the mechanism. Develop logic, memory and intuition, help the character solve puzzles and open doors to escape.

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Updated 21.04.2020
Category Puzzle
Latest Version 107.1
Publish Date 23.11.2019
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