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Pokémon Café Mix

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The description

Pokémon Café Mix is a catering puzzle game in which you need to serve drinks and meals to customers by selecting the Pokémon badges. To make friends with Pokémon, you need to serve the right treats, and over time, you can expand your cafe to serve more customers, expanding your menu in the process. Solve challenging puzzles that create a variety of drinks and dishes with charming Pokémon.

Cute gameplay

Despite its name, Pokémon Café Mix opens up a world like basic animation, where you will sell coffee for Pokémon. Your job is very simple, make sure the coffee is more than anyone else is and be strong. Unfortunately, there are not many employees in your bar, so you have to work first. You need to focus on all three roles to serve, integrate and manage. Like humans, each Pokémon has different characteristics. You have to understand what they want from the outside so they can match drinks with color.

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However, the preparation of the drink at the Pokémon Café Mix is ​​not as regular as the games. This game has a connection to puzzle. You will use your finger to attach many of the Pokémon images that are not in the same row or column. It’s like when you’re drinking something or mixing you connect like this. The more carefully the ingredients are prepared, the better! After the drink is finished, pass it on to the customer to continue serving the next guest.

Cool features

Pokémon Café Mix is ​​not a normal action packed as Pokémon game. Although this is a Pokémon game, it takes place in a world where Pokémon were born to serve each other. This means that the coffee is made by Pokémon to serve another Pokémon! This beautiful game is full of pens, food and all kinds of Pokémon! In this game you can have fun with beautiful games and graphics! It doesn’t matter if you fight here.

Although Pokémon Cafe Mix is ​​a simple game, it does have some complex elements. When Pokémon are sorted in your bar, you can serve them after you finish the cake! Pokémon puzzles are integral part of this game! Pokémon Cafe Mix has many interesting puzzles! You can ask Pokémon staff to help you solve them quickly!

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Since Pokémon Café Mix coffee is managed by Pokémon, this means you don’t have to implement your favorite Pokémon to help you! Serve extraordinary apples and build special relationships with your Pokémon staff.

Expand your business

When your job is done well, your Pokémon coffee becomes more famous and interesting. Expand your space to accommodate more and more customers. Open fairer coffees and hire assistants to make your job easier and faster. What gamers love the most in Pokémon Café Mix is that the game also has built-in decoration settings. You can decorate your bar with a variety of decorations. At the same time, it can help you attract more customers who love a new and exciting place.

Use gold coins as a reward for success in purchasing complex tools and materials. However, the prices of Pokémon Café Mix products are not cheap. You just have to be more discriminating with the help you offer others.

Graphics and music

We can say that the graphics attract the attention of Pokémon Café Mix players. These Pokémon are made in a cute cartoon style. Some other Pokémon have wonderful shapes and unique abilities. The hue of the color is complex, creating subtle content. Many beautiful songs and melodies are used to make the action interesting and funny.

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Our summary

Given all the specific features of Pokémon Cafe Mix, we can safely say that we have a new hit that will allow all Pokemon fans to enjoy the game. The unobtrusive gameplay of this simulator was diluted with additional features in the style of solving puzzles of the type three in a row, as well as using the function of room decoration, which could attract even the most laid-back user to the game.

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Category Puzzle
Latest Version 1.0.4
Publish Date 25.06.2020
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