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The description

Nobodies is a great adventure project with nice graphics, interactive surroundings, a full storyline and an original role of the main character in it. He is a cleaner. In the literal sense of the expression. Belonging to a top-secret organization that destroys well-conspired terrorists, he is simply cleaning up. True tel. He arrives after the assassins have already worked and left home, leaving a mess after. He needs to do everything so that neither corpses nor evidence leading to the disclosure of the operation remain. And you need to try to do everything perfectly. If the enemy suspects something is amiss, he will conduct attacks ahead of time.

Nobodies is an adventure quest with puzzle elements and an intricate plot.

In the game you have to search for a variety of objects, apply them and solve fascinating puzzles, moving forward along the storyline. You will have to try yourself as an employee of a secret organization that destroys scientists and witnesses of unusual events. You will need to cover your tracks by solving an interesting set of puzzles.

For example, you need to get rid of things that can cause suspicion. To complete the task, you have to use numerous tools and mechanisms, move around locations and interact with objects, objects and even other heroes. The game has a lot of interactive zones with which you can interact, in addition, you need to be very careful and select all the items that you can use later.

In total, the game has 11 kills, which you have to clean up and hide all the evidence. Be smart, be cunning, and try not to endanger your hero. Use all available means for solving puzzles and enjoy gorgeous hand-drawn graphics in more than 100 locations.

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Updated 23.03.2020
Category Puzzle
Latest Version 3.4.88
Publish Date 27.07.2017
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