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The description

Welcome to the countries of mysterious merging as you join your favorite heroes from famous fairy tales and enjoy the amazing EverMerge game. Explore the wonderful world of fantasy and story objects, structures and characters and embark on an epic combination of play with them. As you go through, you can explore hundreds of different levels with an addictive puzzle game.

Enjoy addiction to puzzle games and adventures through a series of exciting combinations. Discover and combine different objects, objects and even characters to open a colossal collection of interesting things. Travel around the country, solve missions and enjoy the greatest fusion game.

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The story

In the EverMerge countries, there was a time when land and sea were filled with mysterious creatures, talking animals, and interesting fairy-tale characters. However, all that changes when the mysterious fog that has engulfed most of the country overshadows the human world. Thus, the mysterious creatures, the characters of the fairy tale, and all who follow are hidden in a dense and massive mist. Now the characters will need your help to help them clear the fog and return the countries to their former prosperity.

Android players will enjoy this exciting game of merging with many interactive things that you can combine and create. Find yourself on a massive map, take part in exciting levels of puzzles, and try to combine all kinds of interesting objects and objects found in the shots. You create all kinds of epic objects from your articles and sometimes-even characters. Continue the game, clear the fog, and collect interesting items in your combined adventure.


Here are all the interesting features that the game has to offer:

Have fun with many fairy tales.

For those of you who love the interesting stories of the Brothers Grimm, Disney and others, you will surely be interested in this fantastic adventure game and collect all the characters you want in many famous fairy tales. Start by enjoying the amazing EverMerge game by participating in the plots and open up a huge collection of interesting and expressive characters.

Hundreds of interactive elements for merging games

Once you start learning the game, EverMerge also introduces players to an interesting and engaging game fusion process. Collect all the objects on the map and combine the similar ones to find much more interesting objects and characters. Discover the fog and find many more exciting things to play with.

Combine there or more items of the same type together so you can unlock many amazing and exotic things. With hundreds of game items available and interesting developments, you will enjoy the game in an exciting game to combine. Feel free to check out what is going on in the discovery and try to create colossal mergers.

Find all kinds of help from the characters.

With the collection of new characters you have collected, Android players on EverMerge can also take part in an exciting game with the help of the many characters available. Ask for work niches to clarify your path or gather some resources. Explore and develop your magical unicorns to help you with many of their interesting abilities. In addition, most importantly, the main characters of the famous fairy tale with interesting abilities allow you to further explore the huge map of EverMerge.

Collect many interesting items from the trees

When you engage in exciting adventures in the game, the merged items are automatically displayed, no matter what items or resources they may use. Combine these articles or gather resources for your specific assignments. Discover and explore exciting features with new characters, structures, and abilities with available items.

Explore the island at a special event and have fun

To make the game more interesting, EverMerge also introduces Android players to interesting event island countries, where you can fully participate in many time-limited trials or have fun with unique events. Enjoy the game in different game modes and release special rewards as you progress.

Join the online community for more fun.

For those of you interested, you can now enjoy the exciting EverMerge game even more by joining its online community. Simply link the game to your social accounts and instantly find your friends who play games as well as many other online players from around the world. Have fun and enjoy the amazing EverMerge game to the end with many online experiences.

Play the game with the highest degree of freedom

However, if you like to play on your own and enjoy the game at your own pace, EverMerge also offers its offline mobile apps so you can enjoy them when you’re ready. Therefore, you do not need to include mobile data when you are on your way to start using EverMerge. Just open it and you can have fun with puzzle adventures. Not to mention the fact that you can now stop and play the game at any time, giving complete freedom to the gameplay as you progress.

Enjoy many interesting missions and puzzles

For those of you interested, you can now enjoy the exciting EverMerge game with many interesting missions and puzzles that are not part of the main story. This gives players a lot more fun and entertaining learning games. Here you can open random chests and collect fantastic prizes and coins without doing anything. Have fun with other players from around the world. Complete some of the tasks you had to unlock special rewards.

Play free

Moreover, despite all the exciting features it can offer, Android players on EverMerge will find themselves in the exciting puzzle game free. As a result, you can easily download it from the Google Play store and enjoy it when you are ready.

Enjoy a completely unlocked game on our site.

For those of you interested, you can now enjoy the exciting EverMerge game on our website with completely unlocked games and no ads. In addition, most importantly, there is no need to pay for it, as everything is free for you. Download the EverMerge Mod APK on our website, follow the instructions and everything will be fine.

Visual and sound quality


With beautiful and friendly graphics, EverMerge is gaining Android players with its enchanting journey into fairy tales and the adventure world. Here you can enjoy an exciting game of magical combinations and reveal beautiful cartoon structures and characters. Moreover, collect charming creatures in your collection of games. Most importantly, due to the friendly visual effects, the game will be extremely suitable for Android players of all ages.

Sound and music

In addition to brilliant graphics, EverMerge also allows Android players to immerse themselves in immersive games with puzzles and interactive sound effects. At the same time, the interesting sound clips will make the game extremely exciting and fun for Android players, so they will be able to fully immerse themselves in the game.

Last thoughts

If you are interested in the fascinating process of putting together a puzzle and, most importantly, fans of famous fairytale adventures, you’re sure to enjoy the exciting EverMerge game on mobile devices. Feel free to immerse yourself in an exciting adventure with many interesting and exotic aspects. Moreover, at the same time have fun playing nice games with a friend and an online player.

Finally, with a game that is completely free and unlocked on our site, you will definitely find a lot more fun.

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Updated 22.06.2020
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