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Powercut Inc. – this is a mobile arcade game in which you must control the actions of company employees and thus maximize profits. Manage every step of your wards, because it is you who are the boss, for example, send them to work, eat during lunch break, go down the stairs to have a cup of coffee, etc. Keep track of energy consumption, otherwise you will not earn the right amount of money, but at the same time, do not be too persistent, otherwise, employees will bring a minimum of profit. During the game, you will encounter various situations, protect your workers from robbers and industrial accidents, also do not allow them to be very lazy and do everything in your power to become a true leader. To cope with these tasks, you will need to find the perfect balance between work and energy saving, which is actually much more fun than it sounds. Playing Powercut Inc. you will turn on and off the lighting in individual rooms of the building, as well as indicate to employees where they should go in order to achieve the goal. Make sure that you have earned enough money at the end of the working day or that inevitable bankruptcy awaits you.

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Updated 26.06.2020
Category Games
Latest Version 10.0
Publish Date 06.03.2020
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