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Polar Bear Simulator 2 is a continuation of the polar bear simulator, which again urges all players to go to the cold lands. The Arctic is endowed not only with harsh conditions for survival, but also with its beauties. Get ready for a long journey through harsh locations. The second part received new chips and features. For example, the improved artificial intelligence of non-game creatures. Previously, various animals could easily fall into the clutches of the player, slowly moving through the Arctic wastelands. Now, animals will notice you much better and hunting will become more difficult.


The system for creating a bear has improved slightly: now you can edit its features and add unique features that will allow you to recognize the leader of the pack. You can also change the growth, fur and other parts of the body. The open world retained all the features of the locations from the previous part of the game. You will also find endless white open spaces with lots of snow and ice, beautiful green plains in the warm season and a dynamic change of seasons. Plan your actions accordingly: in winter, the activity of animals decreases, and in the warm seasons you can increase the amount of prey for one outing. There is also a change of weather: a bright sunny day can quickly be replaced by a boring rain.

The combat system has been redesigned. In particular, some flaws were eliminated in the combination of blows, and new features were added. Evasions became omnidirectional, and their application accelerated significantly. Now everything depends only on the player’s reaction: press the dodge button in time to avoid damage from an enemy attack. Relations between polar bears will improve or worsen depending on the actions of the protagonist. Heroic actions will strengthen the player’s relationship with neighboring bears, but having done a bad deed, you can incur aggression or cause hostility. If you are on friendly terms with other bears, then during the hunt a special bonus will be activated that increases some characteristics and damage.


The maximum number of animals in your own flock is 10. To recruit new subordinates, you must complete various tasks and help other characters. Do not forget that you can create offspring, but you will have to devote time to the cubs, which must be fed and trained on time. Train your cubs as strong and fearless warriors or fast and dexterous hunters! The character development system allows you to combine various talents: hunting, combat and research. You can easily combine good strength and good mobility in a bear, but remember that one of the parameters will always be less than the other. Talents themselves are bought for experience, and the player will have to gain experience for completing most quests and defeating opponents.

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Updated 20.06.2020
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