Merge Necromancer Story

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Merge Necromancer Story is a multiplayer survival battle royale and conquest of a dark dungeon. You need to become the best and prove to others that you are the most powerful necromancer magician. To do this, you need to earn points and pump your character and his army of assistants, consisting of different monsters. The game allows you to create a truly invincible hero, increasing his stats and skills, it is enough to summon new creatures and combine them with each other to get more powerful monsters. For example, two knights turn into a berserker with a hammer, demolishing everything in its path. Do not hesitate to collect loot, as sometimes unique items drop out of boxes.
Form a formidable team of the hero, his followers and monsters that you pumped to the limit. Sharpen your squad to damage the enemy and they will easily pass the levels of the dark dungeon, leaving behind mountains of corpses and defeated enemies. You can also cooperate with people to raid especially powerful bosses, and you will receive cool rewards for killing them. Remember the main rule, you are a necromancer and there is nothing stronger than your magic, so feel free to attack, demonstrating to other players who is the only owner of the dungeon.

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Category Games
Latest Version 1.0.26
Publish Date 21.08.2020
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