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Last version: 1.0.11
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The description

Do you feel like you are a born leader? Want to become a leader? You are not satisfied with the social level of Purgatory, where everyone lost hope? You have a chance to change everything. Your environment is ready to follow you to the end. This is especially important for those moments when you need to destroy enemies who are unable to accept your ideas. What will be the result? Most importantly, try to pay attention to researching your capabilities, achieve success and you will be rewarded! Your environment will appreciate and respect you. Although not everything will be as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Realize your potential, realize your capabilities. You will control a crowd of pixel characters directly. Over time, your entire environment will develop. Just look – it is very easy to make chaos. We wish you a successful game!

Game features
– Non-standard methods of crowd control.
– The complete unpredictability of what is happening.
– Involving gameplay.
– The opportunity to become the ideal leader.
– Opportunities that have no boundaries.

DRAW CHILLY is an infernal arcade game in which you only run left or right, but this is enough for an interesting game. You can try on the role of Vladimir and raise the city from the depths of Purgatory at the request of your employers, the Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Vladimir and his squad of brave, upright, but sometimes unfortunate mechanics fight the monkeys, while they step up step by step to deliver the bosses who got into Purgatory by mistake, into the hands of the Reapers so that they can be sent to hell, where they belong. Wit the city from scratch and meet the Four Horsemen.

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Category Casual
Latest Version 1.0.11
Publish Date 18.01.2020
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