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The description

Subway Surfers is one of the coolest runners, or games in which you need to run, run, run … At first the project became a hit of mobile platforms, but the Windows version did not take long to wait. Regardless of the device, the control is extremely simple, because you just need to jump and dodge. At the same time, to become a master, it will take tens of hours of training. And this gamer will obviously spend time with pleasure, because Subway Surfers is fascinating, it pleases with high-quality cartoony 3D graphics.

The bottom line is, Jake or another chosen character must run away from the subway guard because he wants to punish him for the graffiti on the walls. Surprising thing: the security guard, although very complete, but it is impossible to lag behind him, apparently, he used to be an athlete. Difficulties also arise due to trains, while standing around is fairly easy to get around, but if they move, you have to turn on all your agility. The race can go on indefinitely, but few can last 5 minutes … Try it!

We almost forgot to talk about the award: gold coins are scattered throughout the subway, and the more you can collect them, the more you can open characters and hoverboards, that is, skateboards that move with the help of antigravity. Thanks to these boards, you can hit once and still continue moving. In addition, hoverboards increase agility. Also, from interesting objects, we will highlight jumpers, a magnet attracting coins. Yes, if you download the Subway Surfers torrent to your computer, it’s easy to make sure that the toy is not as simple as it might seem at first glance.

Features of Subway Surfers:
– In addition to the main character, Jake, there are several dozen characters, and almost everyone can change costumes. Everyone will definitely find a pet!
– In the game there are about dozens of types of hoverboards, each one is not only especially designed, but also has unique characteristics regarding the speed and height of jumps.
– To make the process even more interesting, before the race or during it you can use various bonuses. For example, there is a jetpack, a magnet that attracts money, an increase in the rate of scoring.
– This game is dedicated to the subways of different cities. You can run through the subway of New York, London, Moscow … The creators – the Danish company Kiloo – offer a new environment approximately once a month. In addition, if there is Internet, daily fresh assignments can be received.

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Updated 27.03.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 1.117.0
Publish Date 30.12.2019
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