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The description

Safe Zone! – A fascinating project in a setting of zombies. Players in the role of a survivor and wanting to reach a certain point on the map will overcome the segments between safe zones. And the further, the more difficult it will be to get to the address. Mutants of all stripes and sizes, gradually increasing numbers, various unexpected barriers and other difficulties will stand in the way of the protagonist. But he has a choice among numerous models of firearms, as well as equipment that will deliver him with a breeze. Good graphics, a variety of trunks, a long duration and much more will please fans of the shooting of the walking dead.

Safe Zone! – A dynamic vertical action with runner elements, where you need to help one of the survivors after the apocalypse get to a safe shelter.

Become those who managed to survive the terrible virus, wars and more, help him get to the safe zone, simultaneously shooting zombies, mutants and other creatures. You must control the movement of the protagonist of the game, use the weapons available to him, improvements, bonuses and try to stay away from monsters at a safe distance.

As control, only one finger is used, which needs to be placed on the screen and then led them from side to side, and the character will shoot independently. Enemies are approaching you from the opposite side of the screen. They are of several types, ordinary zombies, mutants with an increased amount of health, animals and other creatures. You need to understand that with a bloody moon, monsters are strengthened, the amount of health and the damage they cause, also increases.

For completing the levels you will receive a reward in the form of coins. You can spend them on one of three improvements, a new weapon, of which there is a huge variety in the game, or on one of the skins. The game boasts 3D graphics, dozens of different levels and a rich arsenal of weapons.

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Updated 04.04.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 3.7.1
Publish Date 02.11.2019
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