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Metal Slug 3

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The description

Metal Slug 3 – this Android game brings back memories of the contra for consoles, who played, most likely will remember. You will have to kill all the enemies to one. The application, despite its habit, is incredibly versatile and non-standard. In the beginning, it should be said that the main character will be able to ride a camel, ride massive tanks and swim in a small boat, as well as take to storm the nearby shores. In addition to all of the above, there are several game modes – mission mode, as well as the arcade. The mission mode is more difficult, so try yourself better in the arcade format. Well, to the above, we can add that the project has a cooperative format via Bluetooth.


The gameplay is full of action! Something constantly explodes, helicopters fly overhead, and you are often given to control robots, rockets and even an elephant. This is the whole secret of the game: in constant movement forward. You will kill huge alien creatures, enemy soldiers and bosses. Yes, in each level there are “fat” bosses who have a large margin of safety and special skills. If you are not smart, these assholes will vividly beat all the shit out of you! In general, everything is according to the canons of the 8- and 16-bit era.

Clear levels from all creatures that move – living, animated, built or sentenced after download of Metal Slug 3 APK for Android. Powerful turrets, technological battle robots, and brutal enemy infantry – it will not be easy to win, but who said that it is impossible?

Game process

Metal Slug 3 APK is a challenging arcade shooter. You have to clear two-dimensional levels from all kinds of enemies – from terrorists and soldiers of enemy armies to aliens and living gods! The game is complicated by the restriction on ammo. At the beginning of the level, you will be issued with a limited number of ammunition, and its number is already knowingly less than enemies’ quantity.

Therefore, pouring right and left is not recommended here. It’s better to find ways to kill several opponents at once – to blow them up, burn them, etc. Just for these purposes, the game provides a really wide arsenal of weapons, it is possible to use air support and even control equipment – for example, real mammoth tanks.


  • 2 game modes: Arcade and Mission.
  • Dynamic gameplay based on the mechanics of “Contra”.
  • Huge number of game weapons.
  • The ability to control equipment – even mammoth tanks!
  • Powerful bosses – even the Gods will become your opponents.
  • The original graphics of the series with unique special effects.

Below you can download Metal Slug 3 APK on Android for free.

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Updated 25.09.2019
Category Arcade
Latest Version 1.9
Publish Date 28.03.2017
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