Idle Galaxy

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The description

Idle Galaxy is a “tap simulator” that will delight players with its scale, as well as even with some educational and cognitive effect in the field of astronomy. Gamers will play the role of some incredibly powerful creature that took up the formation of the universe. We have to start with the solar system. The star and all the planets, as well as their satellites, will be assembled in parts using what mechanics are clear. Having finished with the house of mankind, it will be possible to go to other parts of the unlimited space of space. And so on. A variety of elements and factors will not let everyone get bored.

Idle Galaxy is an unusual tapper in which you need to create your own solar system. The first thing you have to recreate from the smallest grains and atoms is the sun. You just need to click on the corresponding icon and spend energy, which will allow you to create the sun literally in grains. As in all tappers, you need not only to quickly tap the screen, but also to buy improvements that will increase the volume of our planets and significantly accelerate the process of their creation. The game has many planets and it will take a lot of time to create each, although the gameplay itself is repeated from time to time. We click on the screen, we get energy, we spend it on pumping the planet and increase the current level.

Players will be able to completely explore the mysterious space, solve the mystery of black holes and enjoy non-trivial gameplay. Well-designed locations, nice animation, a wide variety of planets with high detail and hundreds of bonuses that make the gameplay more diverse and fun.

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Updated 20.06.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 1.1.9
Publish Date 06.04.2020
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