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The description

HAWK: Freedom Squadron – Game developers offer a plunge into a fast-paced game where you will save the country from ruthless invaders. The ability to play in different modes makes the game even more interesting. Go into the mode of endless arcade or make incredibly complex sorties together with friends.

HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot ’em up! – A classic arcade shooter with vertical scrolling, old-school graphics style, as well as an alternative universe. Tiran Autocrat with his air armada attacks free lands, which are rich in resources and strategically important points. Having seized these territories, it can become completely invulnerable to all other countries. The main character, his comrades and all other assistants must first be detained with precision strikes, and then inflict a crushing defeat on the enemy. And they have at their disposal a variety of aircraft and weapons models that can be installed on them.

HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot ’em up! – A classic action arcade game in the genre of vertical scroll-shooters, where you need to control an unusual plane and deal with dozens of well-armed enemies.

Take a seat at the helm of a combat aircraft and set off to travel across colorful locations where hundreds of enemies are already waiting for you. The game has several basic and additional modes that offer you to go through more than 170 individual levels, fight big bosses with your friends, or radically change the gameplay in squad, storm or arcade mode.

The gameplay is standard for a game of this format. You need to control the aircraft with one finger, which it will follow, simultaneously releasing dozens of shells. It is necessary to precisely aim, destroy enemies, collect coins, improve and try to dodge enemy shells. Each new improvement allows you to pump the power of the guns, the type of projectile, as well as the number of shields that will be around the aircraft.

Win battles, get valuable rewards and spend them on the purchase of new aircraft, additional gadgets and teammates, who together with you will take part in dynamic battles. You are also waiting for the battle with the bosses, which are becoming stronger from location to location, gorgeous graphics and nice music.

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Updated 11.04.2020
Category Arcade
Latest Version 26.0.19036
Publish Date 14.04.2017
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