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GTA 5: Los Angeles Crimes

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The description

GTA: Liberty City Stories – A mobile version of the next part of the game from the GTA series, in which the player will have to go to the east coast of Liberty City and take control of the criminal world there. When Rockstar Games ported the game to Android, they tried to transfer the gameplay as fully as possible. However, for the sake of comfort, the tasks were shortened, but the graphic part was improved as the controls for touch displays.

We will play GTA: Liberty City Stories for Android, for a person named Tony Cipriani. Previously, he was a significant figure in the criminal family of Leone, who ruled all the dirty tricks in Liberty City. However, after the murder of one influential mafia, he had to leave his native land and hide until the noise lied down. Now it’s time to return to their native lands and try to regain their position and power over crime in their beloved town.

Explore the vast GTA game world: Liberty City, complete hundreds of interesting missions following an engaging storyline. Between missions, you can show off, steal someone’s car, fill your face with a casual passerby, and start a shootout with bandits or cops. Have fun from the heart for many hours, for this you just need to download game APK and its cache and install them for free on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Game plot

The story tells about a difficult period for the Leone crime family. For many years, they ruled Liberty City, but over time, their influence waned until a hostile gang removed them from the “criminal” throne.

Android users have to play for Tony – a character who, after a long absence in the city, should catch up and do everything possible to return the former greatness to the Leone family.

Game process

Playing along the storyline, users have to carry out various tasks, participate in shootouts and raider seizures, steal cars and rob people and warehouses, establish new orders in their city, and of course, earn money and equip their own housing. Moreover, after APK download GTA: Liberty City Stories traditionally offers complete freedom of action.

In between missions (and even during many missions), you can drive cars, shoot passers-by, hide from the police, swing in the gym, collect bonuses, complete additional tasks that are not related to the main storyline. In a word, you will have something to do!

On our website, you can download GTA Liberty City Stories APK for Android for free!

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Updated 01.05.2021
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