The Almost Gone

The Almost Gone

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The description

The Almost Gone – android adventure game where being trapped between life and death, as well as being scared and lonely, you must unravel the gloomy and sharp truth that brought you here. Put this story together, discovering objects and memories, decipher these clues and learn more about the story and its dark secrets. Each new discovery brings you closer to the ordinary life that you once led, to the people and places that surrounded you, in your seemingly carefree childhood.


The protagonist (although it seems like her name is Emily.) woke up at home in bed. However, this house does not look like its normal version, as it is filled with boxes, and most of the drawers and cabinets are empty. Now she needs to leave the house and move on. But where?

To be honest, the plot of The Almost Gone is from the category of “very interesting, but nothing is clear”. Each of the chapters shows time a couple of hours ago, ten minutes ahead, thirty years ago and so on, and because of this, the picture in head does not add up to one. No, you can understand the individual elements and they reveal details about the family of the protagonist, but it will be later during the walkthrough.


The Almost Gone gameplay itself is quite busy. Each chapter is a set of interconnected dioramas on which we will look for various objects to solve puzzles. Jigsaw puzzles are often outstanding, which makes playing fun. Nevertheless, in the fourth chapter they are still too smart, since they often have to run around the whole level for objects, and this is annoying. Otherwise, everything turned out very well.

Graphics and sound

The graphics here are curious, as you rarely see games with dioramas. Many things can be seen from different angles (some things and doors in general can only be seen from a certain angle), and the developers play on this so that you explore the world from all sides.

Our summary

The Almost Gone captivates with its original graphics and gameplay, as well as the ability to interpret the plot in its own way. However, apart from this, she cannot offer anything sensible. If not for the angle, then the graphics would be boring; the plot is often incomprehensible, there is no translation. In addition, the game itself is short and its passage takes two hours from strength. Even in the game, strange controls. Very often, you want to turn a room, but instead the game takes you to another one. You will have to get used to it or wait for a fix that will provide sane control.

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Category Adventure
Latest Version 1.0.7
Publish Date 26.06.2020
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