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Solo Knight

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The description

Solo Knight is a cool role-playing project, both in terms of the style of graphics and gameplay factors. The main character, and with it gamers, will go for a walk through the dark and dangerous dungeons of the fantasy world. His chances of success and survival are ensured not only by dexterity and accuracy of attacks, but also by the features of his development. A huge number of areas in skills and talents help players to “assemble on the original platform” a unique fighter. With its pros and cons. Which must be taken into account when skirmishes with opponents. Well, convenient control ensures accuracy and timeliness, which is very important in this game.

Solo Knight – an original role-playing game where you are waiting for hundreds of monsters, three-dimensional graphics and gloomy locations.

You as a brave knight will have to travel to small locations and fight with dozens of monsters. At first, the hero is armed only with his own fists, with which he is able to clean the face of any enemy. Passing a pair of missions allows you to purchase a bow with arrows, and after that a sharp sword with a shield and even spells that can attack enemies from a distance.

Destroying enemies, you will receive gold, and sometimes even bonus weapons, customization items and other useful things. All of them have a certain set of abilities and properties that affect the life of the protagonist, the speed of movement and the damage they cause. In the main menu, you can also pump your character’s weapons, however, for this you will have to sacrifice collected items, relics and game currency.

For control in the game, the usual clicks on a specific point on the screen are responsible for where the protagonist goes. You don’t even have to indicate the target you need to attack, the hero will start to strike, or shoot at enemies, automatically switching between monsters. In general, the RPG turned out to be quite standard, a lot of weapons, items, customization tools and improvements, huge open locations and dynamic battles with hundreds of types of monsters.

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Updated 23.03.2020
Category Adventure
Latest Version 1.0.053
Publish Date 01.09.2019
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v1.0.053 - God Mode/Free Skill
v1.0.044 - God Mode/Free Skill