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Minecraft – Pocket Edition

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The description

Minecraft – a game in the genre of “sandbox” with elements of survival in the open world, which at one time blew up the world. Everyone plays it – from young to old, experienced players and those who are just starting to discover the world of video games. A world overflowing with creative fantasies, a world where you can build and create almost anything your heart desires. It is clear that the adaptation for mobile devices was only a matter of time and it really was ported to Android in the format of Minecraft Pocket Edition APK. Of course, the mobile version cannot be compared with the PC version in terms of capabilities, but at the same time it does not lose its charm.

The Minecraft PE start menu is simple and concise – from here you can start a new game, join an existing one, or go to the settings menu. Each world when creating a game is indicated by an icon and a small signature. Management differs from the PC version – there is a special “joystick” in the corner of the screen with a button for jumping in the middle. All other controls are intuitive and easy to read. For example, to change the viewing angle, just swipe slightly on the screen in the right direction. To install the unit, you must first select it in the menu, which is located at the bottom of the screen. If you need to destroy a block, just press and hold your finger on it.

We should say a special “thank you” to the developers for trying to transfer to the maximum the original features of the “big” Minecraft to mobile devices. At first glance, the world in the “pocket version” is almost no different from the PC version. Here, as in the desktop version, there are many blocks for building and crafting, there are dangerous monsters, a sufficiently large area for research. Players have the ability to control the character from both the first and third parties. Minecraft authors have not forgotten about the multiplayer mode – if the mobile device is connected to the Internet, then you can share your adventures with friends and acquaintances.

Of course, Minecraft PE is not at all similar to the PC version. For example, in the game there are still not so many mobs and animals, and the game world itself is limited in area. On the other hand, the game on the portable version has several advantages – it has a somewhat simplified crafting mode, many online worlds, the graphics look better … Given this, Minecraft Pocket Edition leaves only positive emotions and feelings. If you are so fond of the PC version of Minecraft, then the mobile version, albeit with its own characteristics, will definitely please you.

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Updated 24.04.2021
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