Days After – zombie survival simulator

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The description

Days After – zombie survival simulator – already a classic-looking survival game with an isometric camera and all other aspects that gamers need for an exciting pastime in the post-apocalyptic world. Beautiful graphics, research, craft, construction, the ability to have a pet, battles, tasks, and much more are on the list of positive qualities of this project. Players will go to the ruins of civilization and try to provide their character with all that is required so that he lives as long as possible in these turbulent and risky conditions that surround him from all sides.

Days After – zombie survival simulator – a lot of custom action for survival, in which you have to collect useful resources, craft items and destroy zombies.

According to the plot of the game, most of humanity was infected with a deadly virus that turned them into the walking dead. Those who managed to survive were able to get to the desert and began to build their own shelters, protecting from monsters and looters.

You have to become one of the survivors and try to save your life in harsh conditions. Move around the vast open world, collect wood, metal, find water and food, make the necessary tools, weapons and clothes. Follow the performance of the main character and do not let him die from hypothermia, thirst or hunger. Build your own base, set traps around it, automatic turrets and do not let other players / monsters destroy your house.

You will be able to engage in research activities, find the diaries of survivors and discover new secrets of this terrible world. In the game you will find magnificent three-dimensional graphics, a huge open world, tens of thousands of real players, a rich crafting system and hundreds of types of monsters.

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Updated 04.04.2020
Category Adventure
Latest Version 0.0.3
Publish Date 09.12.2019
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