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ARK: Survival Evolved

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ARK: Survival Evolved is an excellent multiplayer adventure project in which gamers, along with other players, go to survive in a world inhabited by dinosaurs. They are waiting for the collection of resources, construction, crafting, taming pets, cooperation, battles with raiders and much more, which makes survival on a tropical island so exciting and popular among fans of the genre. Well, beautiful graphics, regular updates with various pleasant additions to the gameplay and the unfading flow of “tourists” only add positive impressions of this project.

ARK: Survival Evolved – A cool simulator for survival in prehistoric times, when dinosaurs roamed the earth.

The game has multiplayer, where you and many other players will survive in an unknown area filled with predators. First of all, you have to choose a character, after which you will find yourself on the island. You need to look around and understand which way you will move, after which you can do the collection of resources, growing food, building a house, creating tools and other things that can save the life of the main character. The worst thing is that at any given time, both other players and dinosaurs can attack you.

In addition to predatory dinosaurs, you can meet very friendly ones. You can feed and tame them in order to move around on the dinosaur in the future and carry all your luggage. In total, over 30 unique types of toothy creatures are available for taming. Naturally, these ancient animals are far from the primary factor influencing the life of the protagonist. It is necessary to feed the character on time, drink water, give him a rest and take medicine. All items found will be stored in the inventory, but try not to overload it, otherwise the ward will move very slowly.

As mentioned earlier, you can, together with other players, create entire tribes and arrange hunting for wild animals, as well as fight with other groups of players. The graphics in the game are high-quality, the locations are drawn just fine, the dinosaurs move naturally, and realistic and sometimes frightening sounds will not let you get bored.

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Updated 09.04.2020
Category Adventure
Latest Version 2.0.13
Publish Date 14.06.2018
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v2.0.13 - Mod: Unlimited amber/Free craft/Immortality and more
v2.0.10 - Mod: Unlimited amber