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War Robots

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The description

In this epic game, the future of robotics has gone up so far so it’s time to start the greatest journey ever in War Robots. You are a good soldier forced to make connection with robot machine and destroy your enemies. Millions of top players from all over the world are taking part in this exciting event. Connect to your robots with special ability and see their incredible powers. Battle your favorite robot and it will give you a better upgrades so you can launch strong attacks against them.

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In War Robots, players will be able to recruit a skilled military commander who wants to take part in the main robotic battles to bring back a group of the best commanders from around the world. Optional robots, which have all their characteristics and capabilities. Choose the one that’s right for you for the battle. Give it important progress so that you can benefit from others.

The ultimate goal of every war for you and your allies is to ensure the safety of important firefighters and protect them from enemy attacks. Players can access the teams of the team, in which 6 players can participate in each team. Therefore, it is important that men read the right tactics and make the right decision to win.


Here you will find all the interesting features offered by the game:

Robots with unique functions

When the game launches, War Robots players will reach out to a wide range of robots, including over 50 of the most powerful combat vehicles on the planet. Since each of them has its own unique characteristics and features, it will be easy for you to find your options and change your approach to the game. Experience unparalleled fighting styles with some robots and learn the style that’s right for you when you learn to grow them in War Robots.

Different owners

In addition, the game has many different owners divided into several classes. This way, you can choose the right commander so you can put your vehicles into mass combat and launch them into battle. Take advantage of the unique features between owners and robots to find the best combinations for you. To increase your dominant power, you can improve them to have better functions and more effective abilities.

Deep game with several features

Unlike most mobile shooter games, War Robots players will achieve a much richer game. Thanks to many methods and tactics, players can have their own way of winning. From enemy battles or sudden attacks to the execution of hunters and their capture, you can try unique battle methods on combat robots.

Feel free to share your robots

War Robots players will achieve the unique settings offered in the game. At the same time, with the unmatched abilities of some robots, you can also offer them many types of weapons to increase their power and strength during battle. Choose your favorite robots with all kinds of amazing features offered in the game.

Intuitive controls and good mechanics

If you are used to regular first person shooter games, the battles in War Robots will be perfect so they do not make too many changes. However, players will find this game very impressive and fun in the early stages. However, this does not mean that the game is easy in any way. Remember that you are fighting against the best commanders from around the world. Improve your skills or you will not be able to win the game.

Play with players from all over the world

Since it is an FPS game, many of you will surely enjoy online gaming. However, here at War Robots you can find interesting multiplayer games with the best players from all over the world. Start by getting involved with influential tribes or creating them for yourself and your friends. In any case, it will be a great pleasure for you to spend them on endless tests and climb the leaders.

New features developers add with to each update

Since it is a new game evolving with a sustainable community, it is recommended to update periodically your War Robots. At the same time, every time you get a new one you will see many nice surprises. So the safer and more resilient you are, the faster it will be for you to get to know how to win.

Play for free

Despite all the fantastic features mentioned, the game is now free for all Android players. At the same time, you can easily install the game free from the Google Play Store.

Feel free to share some useful tips

If you want more benefits before you start fighting, we only do what you need to do. However, with our War Robots Mod APK, players will be able to get some useful tools to level up quickly. For example, the inactive robots that we have just added will require less fighting, as it will reduce robots capabilities.

Visual quality and sound


With stunning 3D graphics, War Robots players can enjoy the game level directly on their mobile devices. If you want to open better graphics, custom graphics settings are always available for you. Enjoy this fantastic player game even on the old phones.


With evocative and interesting soundtracks, War Robots introduces players to a real battlefield. Surround yourself with powerful explosions, crazy conversations and more. Above all, if you want to play in a team, chatting can definitely be useful.

Download the latest version of War Robots MOD APK for Android

Experience the futuristic experience of the world that you will have to fight against robots by experimenting and uniquely guiding the way you are on the edge. Thanks to many tactics, players will be able to achieve many aspects of the fight. Find your way e in devastating wars and rise above others.

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Latest Version 6.2.1
Publish Date 03.07.2020
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