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The Sun: Origin

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The description

The Sun: Origin is a cool first-person shooter from AGaming + in post-apocalyptic scenery of the Earth scorched by the Sun. At the time of the cataclysm, only a few were able to hide in the dungeons and bunkers from the ruthless heat and radiation. After some time, humanity returned to the surface and gradually began to build civilization again. It is at this moment that the story of the main character begins, who never knew the former world. By the will of fate, he embarks on a very dangerous journey in order to search for himself and fulfill a very important destiny.

The Sun Origin is a dynamic shooter with RPG elements and a first-person view, the action that takes place in a post-apocalypse environment.

All the events of the game take place in the distant 2050, when the energy of the Sun destroyed the entire infrastructure of the Earth. People plunged into chaos, a general panic began. The main task of the player will be survival, the struggle for resources and territories. Weapons, ammunition, water and food – this is what other people are capable of a lot, regardless of whether you are a friend or an enemy.

In the game you will find a huge variety of tasks, a large arsenal of modern weapons and armor, the ability to trade, as well as take part in battles against looters, mutants and warring factions. Embark on an exploration of a vast open world, find people, get tasks and complete them to earn money. Spend currency from merchants, buying weapons, armor and food. Try to do everything so that you and your community survive and do not die from mutants or starvation.

In addition to the above, I want to note the magnificent detailed graphics, hundreds of items available for crafting, dozens of secret places and convenient controls, which should not cause problems. If you are a fan of the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game series, then The Sun Origin will be a great choice.

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Updated 04.05.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.9.0 b100368
Publish Date 28.10.2017
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