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Tacticool is a multiplayer online shooter for android, where you take part in short and dynamic matches. Take control of a strong team and lead them to victory. In this game you need to pass an obstacle course with numerous pipes, fences and boards that can kill you any second. Destroy enemies by crushing them with cars, undermining them on mines and shooting them at point-blank range. Destroy and undermine everything in its path including your car and even yourself. Challenge other players online or gain experience offline. You are waiting for 40 weapons, a variety of skins and costumes.

Tacticool is an exciting multiplayer online shooter with an isometric camera, as well as a gameplay offering transient, but very dynamic fights of 5 to 5 players. They have at their disposal several large maps, an impressive selection of weapons (for any caliber, tasks and personal preference), as well as a technique that makes it fun to rush from one edge to another, as well as crush gaping opponents and much more. As always, acting alone rarely leads to victories, participants should combine their efforts, apply tactics, and in which case cover each other with fire. Well, several modes will fully reveal the potential of this game.

Tacticool is a team shooter with a multiplayer mode where bloody battles in prepared arenas await you.

The player can choose one of the prepared modes. For example, a team battle, where five players from each side take part. The purpose of the fight depends on the mode. Sometimes you just need to make more frags than the opponent’s team, and another time, grab a flag or defend a point.

At the time of the battle, you can use not only pistols, machine guns, shotguns, grenades, but also military equipment and other vehicles that will help confuse enemies and quickly move from one place on the map to another. Management is standard for shooters. All the familiar joystick, swipe and buttons. The character fires automatically when aiming at the enemy.

There are a lot of cards, they differ both in structure and size. Many objects in the locations are destroyed, the developers tried their best, physics is realistic, animation, effects and sound at the highest level. The game is free, but some weapons and items can only be bought for money. It is not necessary to do this at all, you can just go in and break up the enemy team, the main thing is to communicate and help your teammates.

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Updated 01.04.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.18.2
Publish Date 18.01.2018
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