Survival Ark Zombie Plague Battlelands

Survival Ark: Zombie Plague Battlelands

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Survival Ark: Zombie Plague Battlelands is a very intriguing action game from JOYNOWSTUDIO in which players try to survive on a small island. A virus outbreak called CMEA turned a quiet and peaceful place into a real nightmare. Everyone who got the infection mutated and turned into ruthless monsters. And those who managed to escape became savages doing everything to increase their chances of survival. Top view, high-quality graphics, convenient control of a variety of possibilities, as well as the presence of a full story story will delight all, without exception, fans of fascinating entertainment.

Survival Ark: Zombie Plague Battlelands – an adventure action game with a top view of survival.

You have to go to a mysterious island where something terrible happened, people and animals mutated, and those who survived fight for resources and try to survive with all their might. Mutants, wild animals, looters and other players will be waiting for you on the island. You need to build a shelter, establish protection, make weapons and try to hold out as long as possible.

You need to move around a huge island and search for resources, stones, trees, iron ore and much more that can come in handy for crafting items. Hunt wild animals, collect meat, hide and make new clothes. Keep track of the main indicators of the character and do not let him die of hunger, cold or dehydration. Fight with other players, find their refuge, bypass traps and plunder the resources accumulated by them.

To control you need to use a pair of virtual joysticks. The one on the left allows you to move around the island, and the right one is responsible for the character’s turns. There is also a separate button for activating running and opening a backpack, where all your resources, weapons and food will be stored. Be careful, bypass the side of stronger enemies and do not let the looters rob your refuge.

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Updated 21.04.2020
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