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The description

Star Diffusion is a top-down shooter in a futuristic setting and classic plot-targeted features. Players in the role of an employee of the galactic patrol return to their home planet and discover that the colony has not been transformed for the better. Residents are gone, destruction is everywhere, and dangerous and extremely numerous monsters climb out of all the cracks. It is necessary not only to survive and understand what is happening, but also to find your daughter, who was waiting for him here. Skirmishes, research of territories, the solution of various puzzles, and also many other things will not let you get bored while passing this game.

Star Diffusion is a simple but interesting top-down shooter where you will find elements of stealth games and a huge set of puzzles.

Throughout the gameplay, you have to control the main character, who performs secret missions and tries to go unnoticed, simultaneously collecting information and cracking down on terrible monsters.

Throughout the game you need to wander around a small spaceship, where monsters, zombies and other creatures will be waiting for you. It is necessary to collect objects, interact with objects, for example, open doors, look for clues and activate mechanisms that allow you to climb floors higher, unlock doors and much more.

Faced with monsters, you need to use a cold weapon or a firearm. You need to understand that the amount of ammunition is strictly limited and it is not worth spending them on meaningless shots. Pistols, machine guns, shotguns, laser cutters and even flamethrowers will be in the hands of the protagonist. Be careful and remember that danger awaits at every turn.

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Updated 23.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.0.5
Publish Date 16.12.2019
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