S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call Of Pripyat Mobile

S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Call of Pripyat Mobile

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The description

It is no secret that there have already been many attempts to port Stalker to Android. However, most of them ended in nothing. Say what you like, but few enthusiasts are able to master such a volume of work, which can stretch for many, many years to come. But there are pleasant exceptions! Our guest today, which is an unofficial attempt to transfer the Call of Pripyat to mobile devices, is just one of them. It’s worth noting right away that the port is still not completed, but unlike many other similar projects, it can already demonstrate full-fledged gameplay, qualitatively transferred locations and much more to players. In addition, “Call of Pripyat Mobile” already boasts completely “debugged” controls, the presence of many original animations, objects, a kind of A-Life (life simulation system), a high-quality interface, and, as already mentioned above, the long-awaited gameplay , which makes it possible not just to rush through empty locations, but also to take part in hot large-scale shootings.
In other words, at last we got something remotely resembling a game, and not just another “stub” with hastily converted models. The disadvantage of the port, if we ignore the bugs with textures and objects that are already traditional for this stage of development, there is only one – terrible optimization. Even on the most top-end devices – the game slows down to one degree or another. Someone will have to be content with minor friezes, but for some, the whole gameplay turns into a real slide show, turning the “communication” with the game into a real torture. Simply put – only for expensive modern devices! Welcome back to the Exclusion Zone!
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Updated 10.07.2020
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Latest Version 0.06
Publish Date 11.06.2020