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SCP: Site-19

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Last version: 2.33
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The description

SCP: Site-19 is a dark and exciting adventure based on SCP Foundation materials that will definitely tickle your nerves. Lovers of horror and adrenaline entered the chat. SCP’s game is known for its incredible range of dangerous (and not so) monsters and monsters that were grown within the walls of the laboratory. The most dangerous are keters, the most hostile and uncontrollable monsters. Less dangerous are Euclides, their behavior has not been fully studied, therefore, one can recognize their hostility only when meeting with them. But, there are also safe SCPs that require only proper maintenance and a little respect.

On your way you will meet a wide variety of SCPs that will be randomly generated, so always be on the alert. You will never know who you are playing against. There are 6 classes in the game: scientists, guards, class D, CI, MTFs and SCP. Roles are randomly allocated, just like map generation.

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Category Action
Latest Version 2.33
Publish Date 22.06.2020
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