ScarFall : The Royale Combat

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The description

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is an excellent shooter in the battle royale mechanics with beautiful graphics and a setting for the near future. Unique technologies, types of weapons and other features will delight all connoisseurs of more original entertainment than projects capturing this category. At the same time, the game has a range of settings for the visual component, which allows owners of far from top gadgets to enjoy the gameplay without any serious casualties. High dynamics, real rivals for first place and other features will not allow you to break away from the gameplay for even a minute.

ScarFall: The Royale Combat is a multiplayer third-person shooter in the royal battle genre, where you are waiting for a shootout with thousands of players from around the world.

I love the battle royale games, but are you tired of PUBG and want something new? Then download ScarFall and enjoy a detailed three-dimensional picture, a large selection of characters, unique weapons, unusual abilities and spacious locations where battles between players will take place.

You can play, either alone or in the company of friends / random players. As always, the game begins with flying on an airplane, which, by the way, you can control, after which you need to jump out of it and select a touchdown point. Naturally, you will not have anything and you need to search nearby buildings, find weapons, ammunition, medicines and preferably body armor. The usual joystick is responsible for controlling the character, there are buttons for shooting, jumping, activating acceleration and opening the inventory with all the selected items. If you can find a backpack, then the character will be able to carry much more objects.

We must not forget about the restriction of the zone, which is constantly narrowing and brings players together. You can run around the edge of the zone and look out for opponents, or sit in some building, hoping to see your opponent and make a couple of accurate shots. Victories bring experience points, which increases you in the ranking table, and also allows you to open chests with customization items.

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Updated 23.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 1.6.15
Publish Date 10.10.2019
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