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Real Gangster Crime

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The description

Real Gangster Crime is a beautiful action game where you can show all your gangster abilities and plunge into the criminal world of a fictional city. Shoot back from the police, kill other bandits that get in your way, and become the true king of the streets. You play as a car thief who grew up on these streets, and ideally learned all the tricks and tricks that will help him conduct his gang activity.

This game is some copy of the popular GTA computer game. It is based on a character who is practically unlimited in action. He can drive stolen cars, hide from the cops, and just run around the streets and look for opponents to arrange a shootout. Real Gangster Crime does not set specific goals for you. Just run around the proposed territory, look for the most beautiful and cool cars, and have fun as your soul desires.

Management here is quite simple. You have to move the character with your fingers just by turning the joystick on the display. When you find your favorite car, just click on it, and go on for the adventure. You will have the opportunity to calmly dissect through the streets of the city, or to harm everyone in a row, knocking down ordinary pedestrians, and getting into a shootout with gangsters.

Considering the criminal activity of this town, there are not only policemen, but also special forces, military men who can damage the hero faster and stronger. When you get tired of stealing ordinary cars, just switch to helicopters. Make law enforcement chase you and waste all your resources to catch one single criminal.

When attacking civilians, do not relax too much, as they can also protect themselves and their property. People move around the city with bats and pistols, and when you try to rob them, they can injure or kill you. Therefore, before pestering someone, carefully study your victim, and always be ready to fight back.

The graphics in Real Gangster Crime are quite high quality. The character moves smoothly, without jerking, so that you can easily pass levels without lags and freezes of the device. For each successfully completed operation, you will earn money for which you can buy some things in the game, and improve the hero’s abilities. Install this toy on your mobile device, and fully plunge into the gangster world of New Vegas.

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Updated 09.07.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 5.14.190
Publish Date 29.03.2018
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