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Legacy Of Warrior Action Rpg Game

Legacy Of Warrior : Action RPG Game

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Last version: 4.7
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The description

Legacy Of Warrior: Action RPG Game is a project that can be described as a samurai RPG in a gloomy fantasy world. The protagonist becomes a witness to a ruthless crime and decides to go on the heels of villains to punish them for their atrocities. This path will lead him to the very heart of darkness. Behind the guise of ordinary, albeit cruel, people are hiding demons that have penetrated this reality. It is necessary to destroy them all, disrupt other plans and reveal a lot of unpleasant secrets. Good graphics, convenient controls and other factors will please all fans of action entertainment.

Legacy Of Warrior: Action RPG Game – a beautiful slasher with dynamic fights in the style of ancient Japan, where you can become a samurai.

Pick up a sharp blade and go to fight with other samurai who betrayed you and your family. You need to avenge the honor of the family, return the stolen relics and once and for all deal with your ill-wishers.

Each location is divided into several zones where you need to deal with enemies and move on. As a weapon, as mentioned earlier, a sharp blade acts. You will be able to inflict dissecting strikes and apply a large arsenal of skills that will help to simultaneously hit several opponents at once. For movement, a virtual joystick is used, which allows you to make rolls and accelerate.

The locations are drawn very beautifully, each time the levels will look new and very interesting. Physics also turned out to be very realistic, the character does not fly, does not use magic, but only skillfully wields his sharp sword. Music and soundtrack fit perfectly into the overall concept of the game and will not let you get bored.

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Updated 02.03.2020
Category Action
Latest Version 4.7
Publish Date 02.10.2019
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